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Prepare for school changes

Clackamas Community College students can expect seven changes come this summer. These changes are most likely being implemented as a way to increase student success. This is to be expected, as the college is going to be judged more and more from the … [Read More...]


Veteran finds solace in stables

Many young soldiers come home with injuries, mental images of the past and suicidal tendencies. Aaron Heliker came home from his last tour of Afghanistan a fragment of the young man who left. Heliker sustained injuries and suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Heliker was taking 42 pills … [Read More...]


Cougar run passes expectations

The first ever Clackamas Community College 5km on Saturday was considered a success by those who spent countless hours organizing the event. Around 40 people ran the 5km. Proceeds from the 5km went to benefit the Veteran’s Center on campus “A lot of hard work from a lot of people came together … [Read More...]


Smart equipment for smart Cougars

During a recent Clackamas Community College Board meeting, the board voted yes to new computers and “SMART” equipment.  We talked to the man in charge, Chief Information Officer Dion Baird, about it getting approved. The Clackamas Print:  Where is the money coming from? Dion Baird:  The money … [Read More...]


This little piggy went ‘yum-yum’

This has been the third time I’ve used this recipe and every time it has been a success. Each time I make a change or two based on what I have or what I think it needs. There’s no exact recipe for a good smoked meat. However, the way it’s smoked is more important. Pork shoulders can be tricky … [Read More...]