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Hunt for new board member is over

On Jan. 14, Dave Hunt was sworn in as the newest member of Clackamas Community College’s Board of Education. For those of you who don’t know what a board of education is or what it does, here’s the lowdown. A board of education oversees school … [Read More...]


Coaches balance basketball and family life

Family and a basketball team, two of the most difficult groups of people we may ever come across. Neither can work without good chemistry and teamwork. What would happen if these two groups collided? Would it be an advantage having such strong chemistry before you even hit the court? Here at … [Read More...]


Are you ready for some wrestling?

“When your body says, ‘Screw you,’ you say, ‘Screw you’ back!” These are the words of encouragement Coach Josh Rhoden bellows at his athletes during the conditioning circuit of wrestling practice. Despite putting on performances they weren’t entirely happy with at the West Region Championship … [Read More...]