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You shall not PASS

STORY BY MADDY KAYS In the past year, two teachers at Clackamas Community College have launched Placement Advising for Student Success, or PASS. This program, unique to CCC, is focused on helping to improve placement of students into their early … [Read More...]

Harmony Campus 3D Building projection

Planning for bond money use begins

On Nov. 5 2014, Clackamas county voted yes for a $90 million bond that will  finance updates many are left wondering: what exactly is going to be done with that large sum of money? The Clackamas Print sat down with Dean of Campus Services, Bob Cochran, to get more information on the school’s … [Read More...]


Controversy in Niemeyer

“This violates boundaries, and that’s part of the point,” music instructor Brian Rose said speaking on behalf of the recent controversial art piece created by street artist Cape One. The controversy surrounding the piece is based on those “violated boundaries,” not because of its subject matter or … [Read More...]