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photo by Mathew Rowning

A moment of silence for UCC

Students reflect on Umpqua tragedy, look to Clackamas’ own preparedness by Matthew Rowning Thursday, Oct. 1, at Umpqua Community College, a shooter took the lives of nine people and wounded at least nine more. The same day ‪at 4:51‪ p.m., … [Read More...]


Desperate for discounts

Being a college student can be tough, whether you’re a full-time student living at home or living on your own trying to hold down a job. On top of worrying about classes and homework, finances are a big stressor. A full-time student can expect to pay around $1,000 to $1,200 per term. And that’s just … [Read More...]


Learn the playbook

After settling into the new place and attending new student orientation, it’s time to get ready for sports at Clackamas Community College. Any students who love cheering on their school will be able to find opportuni- ties at CCC. As part of the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC), CCC is one of … [Read More...]


Trio breathes new life into cafeteria

In the past food from the Cougar Café was like the fare of many other school cafeterias: students complained about it. In 2014, Clackamas Community College surveyed staff and students, who asked for better food on campus. Now due to a change in food service providers the Cougar Café has been … [Read More...]


How not to die in a mosh pit

With the upcoming The Acacia Strain show on Nov. 19 at the Hawthorne Theatre, I thought I would give some tips and hints on how to survive in the mosh pit. I asked around the hardcore punk community for their experiences and advice on mosh pits for first timers. Here’s what they had to say. 1. Do … [Read More...]


A night at the museum

You’re in college, admit it: you’re excited that on Oct. 1 you’re going to walk into a dispensary in Portland and purchase marijuana. And after? There’s no need to stay home staring at the television like the stoners of yore. You’re a metropolitan living in America’s most progressive state! Seize … [Read More...]