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Moodle maintenance comes at poor time

Although Moodle is supposed to be an online resource for students and staff, the bugs and glitches it gets at times can make it more of a hassle than help for many people at Clackamas Community College. With midterms underway, any students or staff … [Read More...]


Battle of the cupcakes

Oregon City provides  sweet hunt for cupcakes Sweet, fluffy and oh so fattening; cupcakes are a popular dessert for all ages. After learning that there are a few cupcake shops within five miles of Clackamas Community College, I was determined to find Oregon City’s best cupcake. Little did I know, … [Read More...]


Protect yourself on college campuses

WARNING: This column is about rape and sexual assault. There have been a lot of reports in the news about sexual assault and rape on campuses all over the country recently. As a result, students have been kicked out of universities and have lost scholarships over it. It makes me wonder, how many … [Read More...]


Student candidates face off

Associated Student Government campaigns are in full swing for those students who wish their voices to be heard with student government. There are two candidates for president — Brent Finkbeiner and Hayley Campa. The candidates were available for a question and answer session on April 22. For … [Read More...]


Couch potato athletics

Gamers enter into the sports category with new media wave called “e-sports” No longer will the world of professional competition be dominated by the physically gifted, athletic type. It’s time to make way for the people who don’t compete on a field or in a gym, but those who compete in the … [Read More...]