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Relay knowledge: how to follow track

Scoreboards are an indicator to both spectator and participant of who’s winning. Some sports use the scoreboard more than others. Basketball, for instance, is a sport in which the players need to be able to see it during the game. The scoreboard shows the score, how much time is left in a game, and … [Read More...]


There’s no place like home plate

A team can only climb to the top when they have reached the bottom. The Clackamas Community College Cougars finished the 2015 baseball season last in their division, finishing 14-26. Head coach Jim Hoppel, who was an assistant coach for 14 years, took over the baseball program last March. As the … [Read More...]


Students take a sleep of faith

It’s 2 p.m., and you’re sitting in class. You were once attentively taking notes, but as your eyelids get heavier, the pen gets slower and the desk in front of you is starting to look like a pillow, until your teacher yells at you to wake up, drool covered and all. This is the life of a college … [Read More...]


Environmental center granted makeover

Since Clackamas Community College took over the Environmental Learning Center in 1996, there have been many pushes to figure out a way to utilize it on campus. With a grant approved by Metro in 2014, the college is beginning to tackle the preliminary steps to revamp the space. The project, whose … [Read More...]


Student journalists win big

The Clackamas Print collected 15 awards at the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association’s Collegiate Day on May 8. The staff competed for awards against other two-year schools in Oregon. These schools include Lane Community College, Linn-Benton Community College, Mt. Hood Community College, Central … [Read More...]