Want to graduate? First you must petition.


Petitioning to graduate is your way to let the school know you’ve taken the classes for your degree and are ready to graduate. If you don’t petition, you don’t graduate. Once you turn in your petition, it allows department chairs, deans of each division, and evaluators to make sure that you’ve met all school requirements […]

Students don’t fear the reefer


Grass, ganja, bud, cheeba, chronic, pot, reefer; no matter what name you give it, marijuana is coming to Oregon in a higher way this July. Thanks to the passing of Measure 91 back in November, recreational marijuana use will be legal for Oregon residents over the age of 21. With this paradigm shift on the […]

Cougars rally to freeze tuition


“Ain’t no power like the power of students because the power of students don’t stop.” Chanted many students from all over Oregon on Feb. 12 at the state Capitol for the freeze tuition rally. Paying for school is a constant battle that never seems to end for many students. The thought of tuition costs going […]

Tuition rally seeks CCC representation

As many students have probably noticed, the cost of tuition has risen over the past few years and is continuing to go up. These growing prices are frustrating and for some it can even mean not being able to afford going to school anymore. Fortunately, there is something that can be done about it. The […]

Welding instructor receives shock

W elding instructor Sue Caldera was shocked on campus on Jan. 20, from faulty equipment in a campus classroom. Campus officials would not provide details on the incident. “On Jan. 20, a welding teacher received a non-threatening shock while operating a hand held plasma cutter,” said Janet Paulson, spokeswoman for the college. “Since then the plasma […]

You shall not PASS


STORY BY MADDY KAYS In the past year, two teachers at Clackamas Community College have launched Placement Advising for Student Success, or PASS. This program, unique to CCC, is focused on helping to improve placement of students into their early writing and math classes at CCC. David Mount from the English department and Carrie Kyser […]

Blood drive, care to share a pint?


“Just one pint of blood can save up to three lives. I think students knowing this definitely encourages them to donate,” said Johnney Russ, ASG Vice President. The Red Cross blood drive makes its way to Clackamas Community College every year; the next drive will be held on Jan. 28 and 29 in the Gregory […]

Planning for bond money use begins

Harmony Campus 3D Building projection

On Nov. 5 2014, Clackamas county voted yes for a $90 million bond that will  finance updates many are left wondering: what exactly is going to be done with that large sum of money? The Clackamas Print sat down with Dean of Campus Services, Bob Cochran, to get more information on the school’s next steps.  The Clackamas Print: What […]