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The image is focused on one redwood tree, following the trunk up into the sky. Several trees surround the one in the center, with green leaves reaching the sky. This was found on California's Lost Coast Trail.

Isolation on California’s Lost Coast Trail

By Erik Paul / April 15, 2024

By Erik Paul Design Editor   For most people the idea of traveling to a destination with “lost” in its name might not sound appealing. However, for me, a single parent juggling responsibilities, a student who just completed a demanding load of eighteen credits and a guy who occasionally seeks dissociation —  it’s quite enticing.…

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OMSI’s Tyrannosaurs Exhibit Redefines the Dinosaur Experience

By Erik Paul / March 11, 2024

        By Erik Paul A/V editor The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), recently named the country’s top science museum, opened its doors to the public on Saturday, March 2, to showcase the most comprehensive exhibition ever devoted to tyrannosaurs. “Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family” promises an immersive exploration into the…

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One of the vehicles on display by the Porsche Studio of Portland's showcase.

Behind the wheel at the Oregon International Auto Show 2024

By Erik Paul / February 23, 2024

By Erik Paul A/V editor For many people, the prospect of buying a new vehicle might be out of the question. With all of the other costs that life incurs, transportation may be the least of a person’s worries. But for many, it can still be fun to window shop.  On Feb. 22 the Oregon…

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Lunar New Year Dragon Dance Parade and Celebration

Lunar New Year unleashes festive joy in Portland’s Chinatown

By Erik Paul / February 20, 2024

  By Erik Paul A/V Editor As the Gregorian calendar marks time using the sun and celebrates the new year in January, many Asian cultures celebrate the new year in February with the onset of the lunar calendar’s new year. “The Portland Chinatown Museum wants to welcome you and thank you all for coming on…

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Winter Light Festival turns rainy days into radiant nights

By Erik Paul / February 14, 2024

By Erik Paul A/V Editor Winters in Portland can be tough. Constant rain. Lack of sun. Minimal daylight hours. Many Portlanders find little incentive to venture outside their homes. However, for the Portland Winter Light Festival hundreds made an exception. Locals, like moths to flame, were drawn out to see the lights at the event…

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Avants brings weird and wacky to Portland car show

Avants brings weird and wacky to Portland car show

By Erik Paul / February 7, 2024

    By Erik Paul  Audio-Video Editor What do a three-wheeled car, an anime-inspired Volvo sporting a Swedish flag and a miniature Japanese fire truck have in common? Not much aside from the fact that they were all on display at Avants’ “Weird and Wacky Car Show” on Saturday, Jan. 27 in Portland, Ore. “We…

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A STEP in the right direction

By Erik Paul / November 3, 2022

Students attending Clackamas Community College with Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) benefits can get help meeting their educational goals and paying for school through the SNAP Training & Employment Program (STEP), a state funded assistance program that serves as a model for possible funding on a federal level to help students across the country.  Joan Jagodnik…

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