Eva King

Student art show highlights artists

By Eva King / June 5, 2024

By Eva King Arts and Culture Editor   The opening to the student art show in Alexandria Gallery on May 16th was a very lively event. As the crowd mingled in the lobby while they waited, you could feel the excitement building. The student art show is a collection of work that Clackamas Community College…

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Nine people stand in line on the stage, hands clasped together and held in the air. The cast of “Fire Season” gives their final bow.

Fire Season blazes a new trail

By Eva King / May 25, 2024

By Eva King Arts and Culture Editor “Fire Season” is spring term’s Clackamas Community College theater production, and it’s by far one of the most unique I’ve seen. Over the course of winter term 2024, eight students worked together to create stories relating to the theme of fire. Now, in the last half of spring…

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New ‘Knuckles’ show should be called ‘Wade’

By Eva King / May 14, 2024

    By Eva Mae King Arts and Culture Editor If you want to make a show about Wade Whipple, don’t call it “Knuckles.”  The first season of the “Knuckles” TV show made its way to streaming on Paramount Plus on April 26. This show is technically supposed to be about its title character Knuckles,…

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Artist brings cartoon therapy and quirky quilts to campus

By Eva King / April 24, 2024

By Gabriel Lucich Managing Editor Eva Mae King Arts and Culture Editor   New York native and prolific local artist Kim Murton draws on a wide variety of influences to craft the playful images in her work. If you’re a fan of ceramic, digital, textile or cartoon art, it’s likely you’ll find something interesting in…

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Black His-tory speaks on the Oregon City campus

By Eva King / March 18, 2024

  By Eva King Arts and Culture Editor On Tuesday, Feb. 27, the “Truths and Transitions: Living His Story, As Experienced By Black Men” panel was hosted in Roger Rook Hall. The panel spoke about the history of black people in Clackamas County. The panel consisted of James Graham, the Economic Development Manager for Oregon…

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‘Spelling Bee’ wins G-O-L-D

By Eva King / March 2, 2024

By Eva King Arts & Culture Editor Going into the college’s production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I knew it was a musical about a spelling bee, and that was about it. What I ended up experiencing was much more entertaining than that. I’m going…

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Clackamas Repertory shows silly side with Wing It

By Eva King / February 27, 2024

On the weekend of Feb. 10, Clackamas Repertory Theatre, or CRT,presented “Wing It: The Sky is Falling” in the Osterman Theatre at Clackamas Community College.  “Wing It” is the creation of Travis Nodurft, who teaches sixth-grade in Oregon City. is also a professional clown and a founding company member of Clackamas Rep. The performance is…

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A fresh take on Our Town

By Eva King / November 28, 2023

    By Eva King   The script for the play, “Our Town,” by Thornton Wilder, is extremely boring. Reading it was painful.  I had to stop reading during act two and take a nap. Bad as the script is, Clackamas Community College’s presentation of the classic gave it a breath of fresh air from…

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Four nights with Five Nights at Freddy’s

By Eva King / November 15, 2023

By Eva King I watched in the theater. I watched on Peacock. Then I watched on Peacock twice more. I spent four nights with Five Nights at Freddy’s, the classic indie horror video game’s new film adaptation. First released all the way back in 2014 I think many fans, along with myself, were surprised at…

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Guitar project strikes chord

By Eva King / October 31, 2023

Clackamas Community College counselor Casey Sims is a man of many talents, from playing drums in a ska band to backflow testing. Sims is also the founder of the Campus Guitar Project. Sims began placing guitars across the campus secretly, in hopes to foster positivity in our community. Now, five years later, the Campus Guitar…

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