Gabriel Lucich

New sculpture in the Wacheno Center asks visitors to consider war and peace

By Gabriel Lucich / June 5, 2024

By Gabriel Lucich Managing Editor   Clackamas Community College has a new sculpture in the Wacheno Center. Titled “Swords into Plowshares,” the metal artwork outside the Veterans Office was the result of a team effort. Started by Bert Romans, a former instructor who passed away last year at age 78, crafted the first iteration in…

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How online learning stacks up 

By Gabriel Lucich / May 15, 2024

By Gabriel Lucich Managing Editor For millennia, learning has been a direct experience. The Al-Quaraouiyine was the world’s first, and oldest, continuously operating university, founded in Fez, Morocco in 859 CE.  European colleges came a few hundred years later, and little changed — until recently. Nowadays, online learning platforms make up a large percentage of…

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Nearly 9,000 students have data compromised

By Gabriel Lucich / May 14, 2024

By Gabriel Lucich Managing Editor   Nearly 9,000 students “possibly had personal data stolen,” during the college’s January cyberattack, according to college officials. While the breach was isolated quickly, one system that was compromised consisted of some names and Social Security numbers from the 2013-2015 academic years. This partial personal data belongs to some 8,797…

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College floats new bond measure

By Gabriel Lucich / March 4, 2024

By Gabriel Lucich Managing Editor Leaking pipes, non-functioning windows, ceilings falling down; for many people that spend time on a Clackamas Community College campus they see things that need attention. The college grounds and facilities take a lot of maintenance, and sometimes need expansions and updates to keep the college operating at its best.  How…

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Reflective photography with Horatio Law

By Gabriel Lucich / February 27, 2024

By Gabriel Lucich Managing Editor How much do we really pay attention to on our walks around campus or through the various towns in the Portland area? What do we miss because we’re looking at our phones or talking to a friend while on these jaunts about town? In the Alexander Gallery’s latest exhibition, “Every…

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Sculptor Erik Geschke invades your space

By Gabriel Lucich / January 31, 2024

Sculptor Erik Geschke invades your space. By Gabriel Lucich  Managing Editor We are fortunate to study on a campus that is absolutely crawling with art, maybe even infested with it. The current infestation in the Alexander Gallery includes a giant man, a disembodied head and a floor swarming with Muppet eyes. Erik Geschke, multimedia artist…

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College cyberattack recovery continues

By Gabriel Lucich / January 31, 2024

  College cyberattack recovery continues By Gabriel Lucich Managing Editor College administrators don’t believe “bad actors,” who led a cyber attack on the college,  got ahold of any critical data. On Monday, Jan. 29, college leadership held another Zoom conference to update staff and faculty about a hack that shut down college operations for days.…

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Cyber attack causes college to cancel classes

By Gabriel Lucich / January 21, 2024

Cyber attack closes college   By Gabriel Lucich Managing Editor It’s not often that the Oregon City Police Department, the State of Oregon, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security and private business converge on an event that impacted the staff and students of Clackamas Community College.  A cyber attack that began Jan. 18…

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Dave Chappelle doesn’t care what you think

By Gabriel Lucich / January 5, 2024

By Gabriel Lucich Managing Editor   When your newspaper offers to purchase you tickets to see comedian Dave Chappelle, who is, arguably, one of the greatest performers of the last quarter century; you go. Chappelle is divisive. He is insensitive. You may feel that he punches down much of the time, and you may be…

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Feminist photography and emotive still-life paintings

By Gabriel Lucich / November 29, 2023

  By Gabriel Lucich   The Art Department has debuted a multifaceted new showing from two local artists at the Alexander Gallery on the Oregon City campus. Grace Weston is a photographic artist that explores cultural and feminist ideas through her work. She plays with archetypal figures in the form of cultural images, texture and…

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