Gabriel Lucich

Feminist photography and emotive still-life paintings

By Gabriel Lucich / November 29, 2023

  By Gabriel Lucich   The Art Department has debuted a multifaceted new showing from two local artists at the Alexander Gallery on the Oregon City campus. Grace Weston is a photographic artist that explores cultural and feminist ideas through her work. She plays with archetypal figures in the form of cultural images, texture and…

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Fassbender slays in The Killer

By Gabriel Lucich / November 15, 2023

By Gabriel Lucich Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a trained killer? Well, acclaimed director David Fincher has in his new film, “The Killer,” explores  what those  thoughts and motivations might be. For those not familiar, Fincher directed “Fight Club,” “Gone Girl,” “Zodiac,” “Seven,” and a host of other now-classic…

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Filmmakers practice skills on campus

By Gabriel Lucich / November 9, 2023

  Jack Perez teaches a new generation of filmmakers.  By Gabriel Lucich The Clackamas Print offices were invaded on Wednesday, Nov. 1, before class began for the day, by  a motivated team of auteurs from Jack Perez’s Digital Media Communications class in order  to film a scene for their class project. Michael T. Agnew, 50,…

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College enrollment bounces back

By Gabriel Lucich / October 30, 2023

By Gabriel Lucich   The pandemic was hard on the Oregon school system, public colleges were no exception and the number of students on campuses statewide fell drastically. Enrollment is rebounding in schools across Oregon, and nothing expresses this recovery more than the packed parking lots and crowded common areas of the Oregon City campus…

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Ralph Pugay

Art show not for the dogs

By Gabriel Lucich / October 16, 2023

By Gabriel Lucich   This term, Clackamas Community College welcomed Filipino-American artist Ralph Pugay (puh-gai), 40. Pugay’s current exhibit, “Paintings from the perspective of dog poet Pepper Meadows,” is showing now in the gallery through October 27.  If you don’t know that CCC hosts a rotating series of art exhibitions at the Alexander Gallery in…

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Clackonomics: Senators stage walkout, delay public education funding

By Gabriel Lucich / June 12, 2023

The Oregon State 2023-24 budget was approved by the Legislative Fiscal Office’s Ways and Means Subcommittee in March. The State House voted and handed it off to the Oregon Senate for a vote and approval. Now dissenting Republican Senators in Salem are dragging their feet on the budget as they stage walkouts over unrelated issues.…

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A Rather Murky Resolution to the ASG Election Debacle

By Gabriel Lucich / June 5, 2023

  After a contentious election and accusations of election violations that stalled the release of the election results for nearly a month: Olivia Gordon, 17, a computer science student, will be the next Associated Student Government President, beating Bethany Day by seven votes. The incoming ASG Vice President will be Emily Dallas. “The Elections Challenge…

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Famous Oregon City Elevator. Photo by Connor McCoy

Take a Walk Through Oregon History

By Gabriel Lucich / May 29, 2023

Most of us aren’t oblivious to the history of the city in which our school resides. It’s the oldest city west of the Rockies, founded by John McLoughlin in 1829, and eventually the capital of the Oregon Territory. It would have been quite an adventure to see it in the beginning, and it still has…

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The current state of budgetary affairs

By Gabriel Lucich / May 23, 2023

It’s a new term, with a new load of budget cuts. Clackamas students, faculty and administration are about to see where the state funding sits for the next fiscal year. Jeff Shaffer, CCC’s Vice President of Finance, Operations and Strategic Partnerships, is hopeful.  “This is the most positive I’ve been going into a Budget-Advisory Group…

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ASG election results on hold after complaints filed against candidate

By Gabriel Lucich / May 15, 2023

  The ASG elections were held last week, but results aren’t yet available. The reason why might surprise people.  There’s always conflict when people vie for leadership positions, and the student administration is not immune to this. Late last week, just before voting concluded, official complaints were filed against one of the candidates. Details of…

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