Artists’ insight on “Lessons from the Dark” | VIDEO

By Summer Barraza

Multimedia Editor

Sex kittens and vixens are on display in the Alexander Gallery. Southern Californian artist and educator, Leslie Nemour, visited Clackamas Community College on Jan. 17 for an artist’s reception on her series “Lessons From the Dark.”

“Lessons From the Dark” features oil paintings on projector screen canvases of women she watched on films and television as a child.

Erica Salter is one of many students and members of the community that filled the gallery to the brim to come enjoy the art, and of course, the beverages and light snacks. “I’m just wondering what in her mind she’s trying to convey, ‘cause some of them have really good solid spots almost like she’s trying to draw your attention there,” said Erica Salter.

Kate Simmons, the gallery director said that Leslie Nemour was suggested by David Andersen, the drawing and painting instructor at CCC; and that he wanted his students to be exposed to new art content and methods of doing the work. For Nemour, taking her art from visual media and transferring them onto a canvas in a gallery is more eye-catching in today’s technology and pop culture driven society.

Nemour’s art has been featured at the San Diego International Airport where over 40,000 travelers pass through daily. Nemour’s art is also featured at local colleges in Southern California and plans on displaying another exhibit in Escandito, California soon. The exhibit is open to the public from Jan. 8 to Feb. 2.

Summer Barraza