Arts Fest offers platform for student artists

By Kristen Wohlers

The Arts Fest is coming up and it could be starring you.

The Clackamas Community College Theatre Arts Club, students from the music department and student artist Kelila Henkin are organizing the first-time event, which is scheduled to take place on June 8 in Gregory Forum.

The event will showcase artistic talents of all kinds.

We’re trying to make it a unity event,” said Theatre Arts Club Vice President Allison Teegarden. “It’s to draw together the arts department, the music department, the theater department—to try to bring all of the arts together and create a larger atmosphere to be able to show our skills.”

Arts Fest was born from a desire to offer students a platform to show off their art. Astrid Bloodgood, the president of the Theatre Arts Club, noticed a need, and with other students, she’s helping to fill it.

“I love opportunities that we’ve been given to get credit for performing in this school,” said Bloodgood. “But I am missing that platform to just do something cool that’s for me.”

The auditions, separate for each department, are open to all students.

The theater auditions will take place on May 18 at 3:30 p.m. in Niemeyer Center room 217 and are open for skits, monologues, clowns, stand-up, one-acts, choreographed dances, musical theater pieces, poetry and more. They are also accepting submissions for written work and visual arts, such as short or animated films, at

The music auditions will be held on May 22 at 4 p.m. in Niemeyer room 119. Student organizer Chelsea Thompson hopes to see a variety of musical acts including singer/songwriters, electronic music composers and DJs.

Students shouldn’t feel limited by suggestions though. According to Teegarden, “anything with an artistic edge to it” is welcome.

The organizers are still determining the mode of acceptance for physical art pieces since artwork cannot be hung in Gregory Forum.

Arts Fest will be open to the public. Henkin said that attendees will have the chance to use provided art supplies to create their own artwork at tables during the performances.

“Everyone who enjoys anything cool or artistic in any way shape or form should come,” said Bloodgood. “And they can see everything.”

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