Avants brings weird and wacky to Portland car show

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A Citroen “2CV'' that was produced between the years of 1948 and 1990. It is said that “Traveling flat out at 71.5MPH the Citroen 2CV will easily overtake a Ferrari Mondial traveling at the same speed. Photo by Ethan Rogers



By Erik Paul 

Audio-Video Editor

What do a three-wheeled car, an anime-inspired Volvo sporting a Swedish flag and a miniature Japanese fire truck have in common? Not much aside from the fact that they were all on display at Avants’ “Weird and Wacky Car Show” on Saturday, Jan. 27 in Portland, Ore.

“We put on events every weekend ranging from car shows to track days and tech sessions; just a little bit of everything” said Avants’ president Adam Cramer, under a canopy in a rainy  parking lot in Northeast Portland “It’s multi-marked so it’s drive everything. It’s Miatas to McLarens; it’s the whole gambit.”

Avants, a car-club based in Seattle with a Portland chapter, collaborated with International Performance Development (IPD), a worldwide supplier of individual parts for Volvo vehicles, to host an event celebrating vehicular eccentricities and to give local gearheads cause to celebrate.

Cramer was excited by the idea of bringing cars without a large following into the spotlight.

“We thought this would be fun to bring together a bunch of different cars that really are a little bit orphaned.”

The eclectic mix included a DeLorean (without the flux capacitor), classic cars and import models that filled the lot with distinctive personalities.  

A normal parking lot was transformed into a vibrant hub of automotive charisma with car enthusiasts reveling in the diverse collection of vehicles, from a sleek, modern Ferrari 458 Speciale’ to the quirky and unconventional three wheeled-wonder, the Reliant Robin.

The event was a testament to Portland’s enthusiasm for the outlandish In fact, the eccentricity of the vehicles was so pronounced that adding the iconic “Keep Portland Weird, ” sticker to any of them would have been gilding the lily.

 “We were basically able to make a nice event, or venue, for people to come share their vehicles,” said IPD president Chris Delano, “It’s nice to see all of the amazing cars and enthusiasts who share the same passion.”

Avants, with the help of IPD, created an event that was inviting to anyone with an interest in the weird and wacky, allowing visitors to break free from the typical steel, glass and metallic paint that have become the conventional choice for the everyday commuter.  

For more events like this one, visit the Avants website at: https://www.avants.com/event-calendar

Erik Paul