Calling all theater recruits: CCC theater department invites students to join in

Thinking of joining the Theater Department at Clackamas Community College? There are many benefits when signing up to be a part of our theater program.

CCC and Clackamas Repertory Theatre director, Jayne Stevens, spoke about the Theater Department and the benefits when joining.

Students play a big role in the Theater Department. Stevens explains that students can have career opportunities and gain experience while taking the classes. “Group work is much of what we do and there are many opportunities for student leadership roles within the department. Students can direct other students in one act, as well as, have leadership roles in the main stage production as the stage manager.”

Directed by Jayne Stevens, “Stupid Ghost” is a fun and humorous take on decision making, obsession, regret and death. Photos by Hailey Reeves.

Sydney Palmer, who plays the lead role in Stupid Ghost, is a first year student at CCC who is a part of the Theater Department. “It’s been really exciting getting to meet everybody and know the theater department because it’s different everywhere you go.” she said, referring to the challenges of her first college level theater experience. “Getting to know both, how my cast mates and my director works is challenging, just because it’s different everywhere you go and [you have to] kind of get used to what the director is looking for.”

“We have artists of all different experience levels,” Stevens says about the students within a college theater class. “Others, maybe in high school, were really active in the theater department and this is their first year doing it on a college level. So I think, first of all, choosing a play that has strong material for all types of actors was important and then also making it accessible for all experience levels.”

If students are interested in joining the theater program, contacting Jennifer Jett via email or going to the Theater Arts page on the CCC website will display the details about the Theater department. “Theatre gives students the opportunity to explore different parts of humanity. It helps people overcome nerves and become more comfortable in their skin in all parts of their life,” said Stevens. “Students active in the department can apply for tuition waivers that will cover tuition for the term. These waivers cover tuition for all classes, not just theater courses.” This  means that students who are involved in the courses and productions can be reimbursed for the term by the school with the tuition waiver. 


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