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Club fair on April 11 in the Wacheno Welcome Center, Clackamas Community College. Photos by The Clackamas Print.

On April 11 in the Wacheno Welcome Center, Clackamas Community College held a club fair. There were over ten booths there to share information about their group. The Clackamas Print spoke to Evelyn Faulkner from the STEM club. 

STEM club hosts fun events like Lego building competitions, learning how to make a terrarium, making soaps, and many more. 

“STEM club is based on getting people in the community involved. We want to create a space for people interested in doing fun activities,” Faulkner says. “We do not want anyone to feel pressured to come to every event, we just want them to come on their own time.” 

There are currently eight active clubs at CCC. Those clubs include:

Art Club

Clackamas Community College Welding Club

Gap Bible Club

Horticulture Club

Phi Theta Kappa


Student Nurses’ Association

The Clackamas Print

Veteran’s Club

To find more information about clubs on campus: 

Aaliyana Balderas