Cougar Poll: Best and worst classes

Registration is underway, and many students are wondering if they will enjoy the classes they are signing up for. A few students from Clackamas Community College have opened up about what classes they liked and disliked, to help those questioning their decisions.


Iran Zarate

Favorite Class:
Small engine repair. It’s fun and you still learn a lot.

Least Favorite Class:
Mechanics, because of the way the grading system is. The  final test is worth a lot of the points for the class.


Stacey Yanez

Favorite Class:

Least Favorite Class:
English and business, because of the large homework load.


Demetrius Frank

Favorite Class:
Combos and large jazz Ensemble.

Least Favorite Class:
Careers in music, because it’s a very long class.


Tatiana Morozoba

Favorite Class:
Volleyball, because it’s a good break from the homework-heavy classes.

Least Favorite Class:
None, yet!

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