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Graduation is right around the corner for many Clackamas Community College students; the thought of graduation brings joy to many, but also a lot of stress, namely during the last few weeks of spring term.
Brittany Maloney, a First Year experience counselor here at CCC said,“There is a lot of stuff that goes into graduation. Extra to-do lists, extra pressure to make sure you finish, making sure your classwork is done but I also think that in a bigger picture, it’s another transition and it’s a pretty big one.” Maloney also said that once a student is comfortable at CCC, the transition beyond the college can be scary.
All of this stress to complete classes starts to fester as students come to the realization that they are about to finish their undergraduate career. Some students are afraid of going into the new world, Maloney said.
“Most students think ‘This is where I spent my hours and my time and what do I do now?’ Some students are already hooked up and ready to go but some are spending summers working a job but they know that you’re gonna go back to school so this is the first time that all of a sudden June is gonna come around and you’re gonna have to look at a career versus just a job. That can be very daunting.” Maloney said.
One of the biggest problems CCC students are facing is keeping up with the amount of work that they are tasked with. It can be especially stressful if they are taking multiple classes that are essential for them to graduate on time during the spring term.
Samantha Dahl, a graduating CCC student said that she struggled a lot this term.
“I took a lot of classes this term. They’re really stressful and very hard.” Dahl said, “I had to read like three different novels in three different weeks. It’s crazy. Pretty much it’s the class loads that I’m not familiar with but other than that, the whole graduation thing I’m looking forward to it.”
What most students need to remember is take the time and plan the next few weeks they have left. As more schoolwork and studying starts to pile up, it’s important to stay organized and on top of it. It’s also vitally important to find time to relax and relieve some school tension.
“I watch movies, try to find some down time,” Dahl said. “That’s probably not a good way to deal with it. I like going outside and taking a walk when it’s nice out. It definitely helps de-stress.”
“Often times you get senioritis and you put everything aside,” said Jackie Curry, a mental heath counselor on campus. “Find that balance and take care of yourself. Remember to stay active, eating healthy, doing things you enjoy doing, spending time with friends and families and continue with your hobbies.”
Maloney has one thing to say to the students that are graduating: “Just remember how hard you have worked every single step of the way. For everyone, first term was daunting and then maybe choosing your program was super scary; think about all the things you’ve done and know that you’re going to continue to do them. Good job and we are very proud of you and we cannot wait until graduation.”
Graduation is on June 14, and will be held in Randall Hall at 5:45p.m.

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