Since their existence, men and women have always driven the other sex crazy. Sometimes good,
other times not so good. Fashion is one that could fall under both categories. Even here at Clackamas
Community College, both girls and guys have their fashion pet peeves about the other sex.

Guys, want some fashion tips from girls around the campus here at CCC? Here’s how you can do better in their eyes as far as fashion goes.

Sloppy Joe
“Wearing sweats daily, [makes guys look] like slump[s],” said Emily Muller. A majority of girls despise how guys wear baggy pants. Look put-together guys, no one wants to see your boxers.

That ‘just came out of the gym look’
It happens all the time. Instead of pulling on some tennis shoes, guys seem to love wearing their socks and sandals–everywhere. Hey, guys, this drives some girls mad. It’s obvious you love the gym, but leave your after-work out socks and sandals at home.

Let’s not mix it up
That camo shirt you just recently purchased should not be thrown on with the striped shorts. Rebecca Polfus recommends not mixing the animal prints up either. Also avoid combining Adidas and Nike, suggests Jessica Jensen.

Stick with the Levi’s
Yes, it may come as a surprise to some, but those skinny jeans just don’t make the cut. They may look good on girls, but that doesn’t mean they also look good on guys. Skinny jeans are on Cassia Gessele’s pet peeve list.

Black out
Haley Duval mentioned that she didn’t like it when guys wore black constantly. Wearing black all the time gets dull. Not to mention summer is coming. We all know black is the color that keeps you at a toasty temperature, so lay aside the black and go with some bright summer colors!

Other noteworthy fashion no-nos:
Some other fashions that could be avoided by the guys include wearing dress pants and a dirty shirt. Dude, either dress up or don’t dress up, don’t go halfway. Jenna Reed said “[I don’t like] basically anything my 14-year-old brother wears.” This includes snapbacks and wearing the same thing every day. Stay away from wearing long socks with slipper and a collared shirt.

So now you know. Try following this guide. Girls like a guy who’s got some good fashion going on!

Girls fashion gone wild. What men do not approve of.

Baby, its cold outside
It’s totally acceptable to be cold in -12 degree temperatures and completely layered up. It’s different when it’s 32 degrees and a girl is dressed for 90 degree weather.
“When they wear almost nothing and complain about being cold,” said Chad Crader. He’s not the only guy to complain about this.
James Jeffrey said, “Wearing skimpy clothes and complaining about being cold.” Dress for the weather or don’t complain.

I see London, I see France, I see half your ass
“Don’t wear short skirts that only covers half your ass,” said Brendan Delmonico. “Leave something to the imagination.”
Igor Sotnikov said, “I don’t like when girls wear very short skirts.” Ladies, guys like to have some mystery when they look at women. Mystery is sexy.

One size does NOT fit all
Don’t listen to the tag that says, “One size fits all.” It’s one of the biggest lies women have believed. “Sometimes clothes shouldn’t be made in all sizes,” said Michael Hauser. “There are clothes that don’t flatter all sizes.” Find clothes that flatter the appropriate size because there is no such thing as one size fits all.

Too much of a good thing: yoga pants
Girls this was bound to come up. There is a time and place for everything, including yoga pants.
“Yoga pants are worn way too much,” said Andrew Huffman. Yoga pants are great at the gym, for traveling or lounging around watching Netflix on a Saturday. Fancy dinner? No.

Rico Starr said, “Stretch pants that don’t fit,” are his pet peeve. Yoga pants only look good if they fit regardless of size.

Honorable mentions:

Going to the gym? That is a sacred place to sweat, smell bad and eventually look disgusting by the end of the work out. Nicholas Morris said, “[At the gym] it’s ridiculous seeing girls in full make up and wearing stuff that they would wear to dinner.” Heading to the gym after the work is done or having to get ready for your job at the gym is one thing. It’s quite another to put on fake eyelashes, lipstick and fancy hair just for working out.

College is a great time to experiment with just about anything and is a time in life where unnatural colored hair is mostly acceptable. Use caution on how much color is used. William Wimsatt said, “Not natural hair colors, like pink, a whole lot of pink.” Wimsatt doesn’t find unnatural colors attractive. If a lady is thinking about trying an unnatural hair color, try only a piece of the hair and not the whole head.



Upper left: yoga pants are a popular choice for women.

Upper right: snapbacks are among the most common hats.

Lower left: student shows his style with saggy pants.

Lower right: more and more girls are adding bright colors to their hair.

story by: Katie Archer and Lily Shaver

photos by: Katie Archer

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