Escape the rain at Oregon’s top Indoor golf centers

There are a few different places near Clackamas Community College that allow you to play and practice golf, as well as avoid the bad weather. 

Envision Golf

Envision Golf, located in Tualatin. photo by Kylie Zeman.

Envision Golf, located in Tualatin, features Oregon’s largest indoor golf simulator. Featuring a new technology called Golfzon, players who attend Envision Golf are able to participate in a very unique indoor golf experience.

When you arrive, you will be assigned a bay. In the bay, there is a moving swing plate, which moves up and down, left and right, simulating the actual circumstances you face on the course. Along with this moving swing plate are different hitting matts which simulate grass, rough, and sand. They have over 200 courses to choose from. Once you select your course, you will be able to begin warming up. You need to bring your own clubs.

The warming up experience was the most unique part of Envision Golf because of the camera feature that allows you to see your swing after every shot you take. Once you are warmed up, you and the other players in your group will tee off to play 18 holes at your favorite course.

The actual simulation of the course is very high quality. I played Pebble Beach Golf Links, which was challenging and fun. The Golfzon technology made the round much more realistic,  challenging, and better overall than other simulators that do not have this feature. If there is a course you have dreamed of playing, this is a great way to play it at a lower price. The standard bay is $42 an hour, and the VIP bays are $56 an hour. 

Envision Golf features a league on Tuesdays called “Tuesday team scramble.” This league features 18 hole stroke play scrambles, with 2-3 players per team, 5:30 p.m. warm up and 6 p.m. tee off. You must sign up 24 hours in advance, and there is a cash prize for the winning team. There are also special tournaments hosted throughout the year. Check the Envision Golf website for more information. 

Envision Golf can be fun with friends, or good indoor practice. It helps put you in the mindset of playing 18 holes and gives you the specific statistics about each shot which can be valuable to write down and use the next time you play outside. It is a good balance between real golfing and a good time with the other players. 


Top Golf’s injectable donut holes. Photo by Kylie Zeman.

Topgolf is located in Hillsboro, Oregon. Topgolf features over 100 all-weather, climate controlled bays, meaning that you are protected from the weather when you attend. Topgolf is not just a driving range, it is a place where you can play games against your friends, listen to music, and have a good time.

Before you arrive, you can “plan your visit” on the Topgolf website. Depending on the time and day that you arrive, the price for one bay will range from $37 to $60, and each bay can hold up to 6 people. 

Once you get there, you will notice the three story building with bays on all three levels. Clubs are provided and complimentary, however you are allowed to bring your own clubs if you prefer. There is a large food and drink menu, featuring their famous injectable donut holes where you inject the frosting yourself. They are a must-try when you go. 

There are 15 different golf games and challenges that you can play. You can switch them as many times as you would like, or play the same game the whole time. The most famous one, and my personal favorite, is called “Topgolf”. This game allows players to score points by hitting balls into the designated targets. Each target is assigned a point value, and the person or team with the most points at the end wins. 

Topgolf is more of a golf experience, rather than actual golf. If you are trying to work on improving your golfing skills and techniques, Topgolf is not the best place for that. There is music playing, TVs showing sports, and food and beverages are being served. It is great to swing the club and have fun with your friends, but not for serious practice. 

Trails End Golf Center

The Trails End Golf Center. Photo by Kylie Zeman.

Featuring 7 heated hitting bays and 40 regular bays, Trails End Golf Center is a great place to hit a bucket of balls to get some practice in. If you are okay hitting off of mats, then it is a good spot to practice.

Trails End Golf Center is best for someone looking to focus on and improve their game by hitting range balls. There are signs in the range that tell you how far you are hitting it and give you a great target to go for. They also feature large bins set up about 30 yards away that are good to practice your chipping skills.

Even if you set up at a heated bay, I would recommend wearing layers because it can still be quite cold. The best part about Trails End Golf Center is that all of the bays are undercover, meaning that you do not need to bring any rain gear. 

A large bucket of balls is $12, making Trails End Golf Center a very price friendly place to practice. I was able to use the large bucket for over an hour and I still had some golf balls left over. A unique feature of this golf center is how you are able to buy “Bucket Packages”, where you can buy either 10, 20, or 50 medium buckets at one time for a discounted price.

When you get to your bay, you will notice there is no music playing and people are hard at work trying to improve their golfing abilities. It is a great place to zone in and focus on how to improve your golf. 


Kylie Zeman