Christian Clarke, a cook at the Cougar Cafe, prepares a sandwich for a waiting customer.

It comes to no surprise that the first thing that’s on your mind every morning is food. Luckily plenty of great options around campus help you suffice your cravings. These are the best places to hit up for food.

One of the quick and easiest places to get food on campus would be at the on-site Cougar Cafe. They offer plenty of options, from burgers, fries, sandwiches, coffee, rice bowls and quick snacks to help you get through the day. The Cougar Cafe is also a great place to meet up with friends to sit and talk.

Plenty of seating makes it an ideal place to study. The cafe is conveniently located in the community center, making it a perfect spot for a quick bite in the center of campus. Even though the cafe offers plenty of seating, make sure to get there early to secure yourself a seat or a table during peak lunch times.

If you’re in the mood for burgers, Carl’s Jr. is one of the closest fast food restaurant near campus. Carl’s Jr. offers many quick and delicious burgers making it a good spot for a quick bite between classes. Carl’s Jr. has exceptional service. They recently  released a new hand-scooped mocha coffee milkshake, which is perfect if you’re craving something sweet with a little caffeine boost, though at $3.99 this milkshake is not the cheapest. If coffee is not your flow, they also have other milkshakes in strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and Oreo.

Carl’s Jr. is located across campus in the WinCo parking lot on Highway 213.

Alex Becerril, a freshmen student at CCC, works on homework while enjoying a salad available for purchase at the cafe.

Five Guys is another local favorite and a must have. As soon as you walk in, you’re quickly greeted. Five Guys has exceptional burgers, fries and milkshakes. Although Five Guys is more expensive, it is well worth it for a great burger and fries. You can also order your fries Cajun style for an added kick to spice things up. Reviews of magazines and newspapers surround the walls, allowing you to read reviews from around the country.

Another place perfect for a quick bite is Panda Express right across the street from the college. They offer staple Chinese dishes such as chow mein and orange chicken along with some vegetarian options. Though fairly expensive at $8.99 for a three entrée meal, there are numerous sides and all are fairly tasty.

For a lot of people, coffee is more important than food and is often a priority when starting off your day or just when you need a pick me up . The top two spots for coffee near the college would be Starbucks and Dutch Bros. Both offer a wide variety of coffee and other types of drinks to fulfill your thirst. Both places tend to have a long line around lunch time so plan accordingly. It’s best to get your fix of coffee before you go to class to avoid the big crowds of people around midday. If you’re not much of a coffee drinker, Starbucks has many alternatives such as the refreshers. My personal favorite is the mango dragon fruit refreshers. Dutch Bros also has plenty of coffee alternatives like their Rebel drinks which you can get iced or blended. Their  smoothies come in plenty of flavors.

Starbucks is located in O.C. Point. Dutch Bros is located at 19131 S Beavercreek Rd.

A little bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys refers to a cheesburger with a single patty, whereas the regular cheeseburger has two.

If you’re looking for some Mexican food, Don Chico’s is the place to go. Located just one mile down on Molalla Ave., Don Chico’s offers tacos, burritos, quesadillas and much more. They also offer waters like horchata (cinnamon, rice), Jamaica (hibiscus) and tamarindo tamarind.)

Don Chico’s is located at 1692 Molalla Ave.

If you’re looking into something fast and healthy, Pita Pit offers a lot of good and healthy Mediterranean food like gyros with options for vegetarian and meat eaters. Their menu has a lot of variety making it an ideal place to grab lunch. All of their ingredients are fresh and made to order. It’s a good alternative to Subway and well worth it for anyone looking for a quick and healthy lunch break.

If a light snack is all you’re looking for, the ASG office offers the cheapest snacks on campus like ramen, popcorn, chips, sodas and candy.

The ASG office is located right next to the Cougar Cafe.

These are just a few spots near campus to help you get started your first few weeks. Oregon City is lucky to have plenty of eateries that cater to everyone’s diets. With a little research, you can find your next go-to place.

Happy eating!

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