From hoops to gloves: Meet the CCC freshman taking on two sports at once

Being a student athlete requires lots of dedication. During her first year in college, freshman Skylar Groesbeck is playing basketball and softball. The Clackamas Print had the privilege of talking to Groesbeck about her experiences and struggles playing two sports while being a student. 

Skylar Groesbeck, freshman. Photo by Grant Pauli

The Clackamas Print: How long have you been playing basketball and softball?

Skylar Groesbeck: I have been playing basketball since I was in the first grade. I started playing tee-ball when I was around 6 years old. 

TCP: What has been your most memorable moment at Clackamas Community College?

Groesbeck: Gosh, there’s so many. Traveling with the team is very fun, but also just being around them everyday is always a highlight. 

TCP: What’s the hardest part of playing two sports and going to school?

Groesbeck: Time management is really tricky. I average two practices a day so, keeping mentally healthy and physically healthy, that’s a hard balance sometimes. Both of my coaches are really understanding, they’re super supportive of what I choose to do. It is a lot but I have such supportive coaches and teammates so I’m really grateful for that. 

TCP: Do you ever have to choose one sport over the other?

Groesbeck: Technically I came here for basketball and I walked on to the softball team so basketball takes priority. Since we’re in the playoffs for basketball, that is my main focus. Basketball will be over in a couple of weeks and then I will shift gears into softball season. 

TCP: Have you had any struggles this basketball season? 

Groesbeck: Sometimes it is hard mentally when you go practice to practice, just like resetting. If I have a bad practice in the morning I have to mentally reset for the afternoon, it is a hard balance. It is also hard being a freshman again, but I have such great teammates and coaches that pick me back up again. 

TCP: What are you looking forward to this softball season?

Groesbeck: I am looking forward to traveling with the team, that’s always the best part. Being able to be there full time is exciting because right now I am kind of there part time because of basketball. I am looking forward to the season a lot. 

TCP: What are your plans for the future?

Groesbeck: I am definitely going to come back, and from there I’ll kind of see what happens next. Right now I am taking my prerequisites to be a pediatric nurse so after Clackamas I will go somewhere else for two years but that is undecided. I would love to play sports again after Clackamas if I get the opportunity, I would play either or both.

TCP: What does CCC mean to you?

Groesbeck: To me, CCC means community. I am a part of different communities here, with sports and within the classroom, so I get to experience a lot. I have met so many amazing people here, my teammates have become my best friends. I feel like I can go to my coaches about anything, so to me CCC means community. 

Aaliyana Balderas