Get Jazzed for Jazz Immersion Day | VIDEO

By Summer Barraza

Multimedia editor

Students from Clackamas Community College and high schools around the area participated in the Jazz vocal Immersion Day on Feb. 3 to exercise their vocal chords in a different type of music. This is the first time CCC has ever hosted this Immersion Day where young adults from all over the area visit.

Kathleen Hollingsworth, the vocal instructor is very happy with the outcome, but also her students, as they display their vocal prowess to the high school students. Hollingsworth also said she loves jazz that stems from her childhood, and enjoys the interesting and complex rhythms. She also says she enjoys educating others about it.

The echoes of altos, sopranos, tenors and basses filled the Niemeyer Center. Christian Canfield, a student conductor who said that working closely with jazz vocalists create a level of camaraderie amongst them. It’s both a give and take and requires developing a creative relationship where they can improvise.

Jazz Immersion Day has opened doors for many college students, including Andrew Sherwood, who took the opportunity to sing and perform with the younger generation of high school students. He said that being at this vocal event adds experience and refines his vocal skills, but also enhances his resume, paving the way to become a choir teacher when he graduates.

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