High-end cookies worth the dough

In a world full of desserts, the cookie is one of the most well known. In a quest to open the cookie shop of their dreams, Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley opened the first Crumbl Cookie in 2017 in Logan, Utah. Starting with the classic chocolate chip, they eventually started the now weekly rotation of flavors in late 2018 always including the chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookie. 

With a rotating menu each week, and with there being 52 weeks in a year, Crumbl Cookie has over 170 different cookie flavors. Photo credit: Katia Skibba

Since its opening in 2017, Crumbl has taken over the Nation. There are over 300 different bakeries in 36 states around the United States. Crumbl has created a box to fit their cookies perfectly, and the founders of Crumbl decided pink was the perfect color. Their boxes are unique and therefore recognizable, wherever they may be found.They’re the fastest-growing cookie company in the United States. With a rotating menu each week, and with there being 52 weeks in a year, they now have over 170 different cookie flavors. On top of the delicious and interesting cookies, Crumbl has also introduced “Crumbl Cream”, their own ice cream which is perfect for cooling off or creating your own ice cream cookie sandwich. With the location right in the Clackamas Promenade, the location is easily accessible from the Harmony and Oregon City campus. A single cookie will cost you $4.25, a 4-pack for $15, 6-pack for $22 and a Party Box (12 cookies) for $38.50. There is also a catering option with mini cookies for any event you might need 50+ cookies for. 

The Clackamas Print decided to give these unique flavors a try for the April 4 rotation which included waffle, berries and cream, dark dream and New York cheesecake. Packaged in the iconic pink box, each cookie was packaged and prepared to order, making each cookie fresh and warm. 

Waffle– Created to give the illusion of a waffle pattern, this flavor gave a traditional warm sugar cookie flavor with a hint of waffle like batter, was served with a topping of buttercream frosting to create the butter like topping and included a side of Log Cabin syrup. Much life eating a waffle, this flavor was simple yet comforting. It would make a good after brunch dessert.

Berries and Cream– One of the chilled cookie opinions, this one is based with a mix of blueberry and strawberries mixed within the dough with a cool whip cream on top and garnished with a blueberry jam. The settled mix of the berries gives this one a refreshing flavor profile but adding the element of sweetness with the cream and jam on top. 

Dark Dream– A chocolate lover’s dream, a chocolate base with semi-sweet chocolate chips folded in, this flavor will satisfy that intense chocolate craving. 

New York Cheesecake– With an already famous dessert to live up to, this graham cracker based cookie with a cheesecake frosting and crushed graham cracker garnish, the recreation of a well known dessert was executed flawlessly. The perfect balance of sweetness with richness makes for a perfect mix.

Katie Skibba