How not to die in a mosh pit

With the upcoming The Acacia Strain show on Nov. 19 at the Hawthorne Theatre, I thought I would give some tips and hints on how to survive in the mosh pit. I asked around the hardcore punk community for their experiences and advice on mosh pits for first timers. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Do not stand on the edge of the pit if you are not willing to be hit, pushed or knocked around.
2. You will get hurt at some point when you join the pit life. Expect it.
3. Before entering the pit, spend a few shows watching the pit to get used to the atmosphere.
4. Practice your moves before stepping into the pit. Watch others to perfect the step.
5. Respect others inside the pit. Pit etiquette is a thing.
6. Experience house shows, benefit shows and local shows. Don’t just support big name bands because that’s all you know.
7. Don’t take things personally in the pit. Nobody is out to get you.
8. Do not enter the pit if you are not ready for the pit.
9. Don’t wear the band’s merch that you are seeing to the show. Instead buy the bands merchandise from the shows.
10. Have fun and don’t care what anybody else thinks.

The music may sound angry and loud but the lyrics and message are usually about unity and friendship and loyalty. Going to a hardcore show is one of the
greatest experiences one can have. The scene looks hard on the outside but they are genuinely some of the nicest people you can come across.

moshpitPhoto by Jared Holmgren

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