How to be single (and happy) on Valentine’s Day


There are just a few short days left before the day dedicated to love, yet, it causes a lot of stress and sadness for people lacking a significant other. Being single on Valentine’s Day can be a bummer; however, before you bathe in self-pity, consider the following reasons why being single actually kind of rocks.

A girl’s guide:

1. You can order whatever you want for dinner. There’s none of the, “What do you want to eat?” “I don’t know…” when you do, in fact, know exactly what you want but don’t say it therefore they get to pick. Nope, that won’t happen this year. You buy whatever you want and you eat all of it, no daintiness required here.

2. Meagan Baumann, a Clackamas Community College student, suggested buying yourself flowers and chocolate. Why not? It’s much cheaper the day of and the day after the holiday.

3. Remember that TV show or movie that your ex hated but you adored? Watch the crap out of it. Go ahead, tear up during the sad parts, who’s going to judge you? Not your boyfriend.

4. Don’t underestimate how fun it is to make fun of couples with other single friends. Hmmm, let’s see how many people post on Facebook that they have “the best boyfriend ever” this year.

5. Instead of your money going towards a gift for your significant other, you can use that money to treat yourself. Now nothing can stop you from buying those shoes you’ve had your eyes on.

6. There’s no one to dress up for. If wearing pajamas all day is what you desire, then wearing pajamas all day is what you will do. No one can tell you otherwise.

7. When Beyoncé tells all the single ladies to put their hands up, it’s actually okay to do so.

A guy’s guide:

1. It’s the NBA All-Star weekend. Not only that, but Saturday just so happens to be the day of the three-point shootout and the slam dunk contest, everyone’s favorite events of the whole weekend. So kick back with some buddies and watch some sports.

2. Remember last Valentine’s Day, when you and your lady just couldn’t decide on what to do to celebrate. Indecisiveness is one trait you won’t have to deal with this year. You get to ask yourself what you want to do, and this time there’s only one answer that matters.

3. Rewind to one year ago, pull out your wallet and take a look inside. The only thing you might find is a bat living in that empty space where the money should be. Come back to the present, then do the same thing. That bats cave is most likely populated by a lush field of green, and it’s all for you.

4. If Valentine’s Day is really getting to you and you just feel like sitting around is not going to make the day go any quicker, pick up a shift at work. It’s Saturday, all the couples will be out and about, might as well make some money off of them.

5. There’s always that chance that you want to reminisce on the past or maybe you just want to listen to some smooth slow jams. Dust off those Drake and Frank Ocean albums and just let the good times roll.

6. Clackamas Community College student Kyle Taylor’s plans completely depend on the weather. If it’s nice enough outside he plans to go riding for the day. The day will conclude with a pleasant dinner with friends.


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