Kylie Cosmetics and Kim Kardashian West released a new formula that sold out in minutes, editors of The Print are some of the lucky who got to purchase them.


NUDES! Yes you heard it right. Four perfect shades of nude.

Kim Kardashian West, the queen of nude lips, and Kylie Cosmetics finally did a collaboration and it is everything I needed it to be.

I knew I needed this collection the second I saw the colors on Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat. It was love at first sight.

When 3 p.m. hit the day they launched, I could not order them fast enough.

Eleven long days later, my beautifully well-made package arrived and I haven’t been caught wearing another lipstick since.

Now, this year has been the year of matte long wearing lipsticks. As much as I love them, I am ready for a change.

Despite the matte packaging on these lipsticks, they are not matte!

This is a brand new formula called Crème Liquid Lipsticks.

Kimberly is my favorite shade because it is the more nude tone, it’s very subtle but pretty, which I like for my everyday look.

They do not claim to be long wearing, which makes me feel okay about them wearing off so quickly. This is definitely a lipstick you need to carry and reapply once every few hours.

They look beautiful applied, not glossy and not matte, but creamy. I would compare them to whipped cream cheese in a lipstick tube. They are very light feeling and not sticky at all, in fact they are super smooth and make my lips feel more hydrated.

I will say, I do not like the taste of them and they are easy to taste because they come off so easily.

These shades are perfect for an everyday lipstick. I think it’s safe to say they all have a new home in my purse for a while.


It all started with a simple statement about some highlighter and then, “The Kim K. and Kylie collaboration has launched!” yelled design editor Chelsea Pagan in the middle of class. Within seconds, I had opened my browser and typed in

Three of us in class attempted to snag the newly announced Crème Liquid Lipsticks. After a nerve-wrecking waiting period to check-out on the website, one by one our orders were processed and we could breathe a sigh of relief: we got them!

When the lipsticks arrived in the gorgeous pale pink packaging, I immediately needed to try them out.

In the packaging there are four nude shades. There is “Kimberly” a light true nude, “Kim” a peachy nude, “Kiki” a pinky nude and “Kimmie” a deep nude. Upon first application of “Kimberly,” the lightest of the four shades, the consistency difference is very noticeable.

While marketed as a Crème Liquid Lipsticks, the formula is not going to dry down completely to your lips leaving the product feeling light and smooth, if you are looking for a long-lasting lipstick these are not for you.

The lipsticks feel very creamy when you apply them to your lips and go on better with a lip liner (unfortunately, not included like in previous lip kits). What I do like about the new formula is that the makeup removes easily compared to the matte shades.

The KKW x Kylie Collection comes in a frosted tube with white font detailing – and boy am I a sucker for packaging as well as the actual product.

All in all, the collection did not disappoint and I look forward to trying more products from Kylie Cosmetics.


First, it started out as a regular day for The Clackamas Print class where I wasn’t going to spend $45. Then one of the editors yelled, “They’re here! They launched!”

Confused I asked, “What? What’s here?”

That’s when Lexie, the web editor, said the new Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner lipsticks just came out. As my fingers started typing in the website address, I wondered “Why would people buy this, they’re all the same color anyway.”

I thought they were stupid and the price was ridiculous for four lipsticks. What was so special about these? But before I knew it, the hype had gotten to me and before my eyes were the words “purchase confirmed.”

Two weeks later, I received the package and was in love with the matte look on each lipstick. While trying them out, I thought, “Well, I’ll finally get to know why these sold out so quickly.”

I have three tests when it comes to lipsticks. I tested for how well the lipsticks stay on, how they look and, in this case, if they were truly nude. Long story short, the lipsticks do not stay on well and if you don’t have lip liner then be prepared to dab around the edges of your lips to smooth it out. They looked great to me, but was hard to tell the difference between them. In my opinion, they are not truly nude. Each one has a slight tint to them. Overall, I really like the lipsticks, but they’re not my favorite.

They’re great for when you want a nude look but otherwise I’ve learned don’t buy $45 worth of lipstick just because of a hype.

I think I’ll stick to my drugstore brand makeup.

Clackamas Print