Maneuvering your 20s can be tricky, from learning about bills and responsibility to graduating college to moving back in with the parents.
Megan Tan is an ordinary woman, who shares her experiences as a young adult in her popular podcast, “Millennial,” which is currently in its third season. Each season is unique and offers the chance to connect to others who are going through an important time in life after graduation.
The first season follows Tan through life after college, and she explains how she got the idea to make the podcast.
This season is relatable. Although her podcast is directed to people who recently graduated, it is also relevant for those still in college. She addresses fears that most college students have about life after graduating.
Some of the issues she addresses include money/budgeting, going back to minimum wage jobs, moving in with her boyfriend, comparing herself to her friends and their lives and how she can be her own worst enemy.
“Where to put our Coltrane poster, that’s not a big decision,” Tan says in a season one podcast. “But there are decisions that you make in your 20s that feel like they could shape the rest of your life. And they will, right? I am constantly wondering, how do I know which choices that I’m making now, will lead me to become the person to what I want to be in the future? And how do I not become paralyzed by this fear? That one decision could screw everything up.”
In the second season she brings the stories of others, like you and me.
“Millennial” is currently in the third season, during which Tan travels to Cuba and then talks about her experience there.
The first season has 10 episodes and her second season lasts for 22 episodes. Each episode ranges from 12-39 minutes.
She offers advice and encouragement throughout the podcast. One of the most memorable moments has to do with “your line.” Tan explains that your line is like a tightrope, and on this line are your dreams and what success looks like to you. This is the line everyone in their 20s is walking right now. She encourages listeners to find their line and not to let people push you off the line even though it’s not always easy to stay on.
“Millennial” is all too real when it comes to life after graduation, but offers insight on how the host handles the struggles of daily life and how this might help others. Currently free on iTunes, this podcast is made for millennials who worry about how they are going to survive on their own. Visit to tune in.

Elizabeth Kessel