Music students have free show on campus

On May 30, second year students of the Music Performance and Technology program put on a free performance in front of the Dye Learning Center. The lawn and small stone stage were fixed with chairs and musical equipment in preparation for the live concert that was projected to the campus from noon to 1:30.

The performance was a mix of solo acoustic covers and originals with some songs from a student comprised group called “The Act” at the end of the concert. Some students playing included Haden Jones, who had nothing but excitement in her eyes and positive words leaving her lips when talking about the MPT program.

“There is a really great music program at CCC and they [students] should check it out” said Jones.

And fellow music student Raine Welterlen had some similarly encouraging words. Welterlen said, “You don’t even have to be a music major, just come join our ensembles.”

The event drew a nice crowd that sat and relaxed on the shaded stone benches that encircled the newly grown summer grass that sprouted and waved in the warm breeze. The nice summer weather was a nice a backdrop to the warm sounds of acoustic guitar that began to play.

Jones opened the event with a set of covers to make the audience feel joyful and nostalgic. Many listening couldn’t help but hum, clap, and sing along to their favorite classics from the far and recent past.

Songs like Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun” and “Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man struck a chord with the audience. But her version Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” had the entire front row of seats sing along, turning the acoustic set into something resembling a choir of melodic voices flowing across campus.

Welterlen slowed things down with a mix of some more somber original songs and jazzier covers on piano. Starting off with the bouncy beat of Hall and Oates’ “Rich Girl” and then playing the slower original song, “Say I Belong.” Welterlen kept up the energetic atmosphere while infusing it with a more laid back tone.

Finally the group ensemble The Act came up with a more alternative selection of music to get people into the Portland spirit, including some songs by Fleetwood Mac. Altogether the event was a marvelous display of musical mastery by some of the talented students in the MPT Program, and a wonderful outreach to the community that was a breath of fresh as finals loom ever closer.

The concert also served a dual purpose of exposing potential students to what some of these music and technology classes have to offer. As said by music student Colin Erikson, “That’s sort of what the purpose of this concert is for, to showcase. Everyone that’s playing here is part of MPT or part of the program at Clackamas, so showcasing all the different kinds of styles of people that have come through here, and showing what the MPT program itself can do.”

Come fall there will be plenty of new classes and opportunities for music majors and people just looking to have fun while playing. So people can look forward to those and more lively performances from these avid up and comers as they hone their skills over the summer.

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William Farris