Pinchin’ pennies with student discounts

Being a college student is tough, especially financially. From buying ridiculously expensive books that you barely use to eating ramen for dinner every night due to sky-rocketing tuition, we could use a helping hand every now and then.

Lucky for us, many places understand the college life struggle. I asked Portland Community College student Daphne Weaver what places she knew of that offered student discounts.

“A lot of places will have discounts to take advantage of for students,” said Weaver. “A lot of art stores, I know Jo-Ann’s does.”
I spoke to student Kelsey Smoot asking what discounts she used to her advantage.

“Ace Hardware, Frack Burger,” Smoot said. “I think they offer 10 percent off at both.” Craft stores, online stores, hardware stores and my favorite; restaurants. Student discounts are offered everywhere.

I have run around Oregon City and all over the Internet to find places that offer discounts to broke college students. A lot of these places don’t advertise that they offer a student discount, but if you ask and have a student ID to back you up, you will find yourself saving money. Some of the places on this list vary by store and location but all you have to do is ask.

One of our ASG members Janna Newman had some really good information on places to check out.

“One of the places I go to is Just A Bite. They are located in the county building over off of Liberty Court. It’s a little sandwich shop and they offer soups and pastries and they do a dollar student discount, like if you buy a sandwich, you get a dollar off. And Oh Teriyaki doesn’t offer a student discount but they have the bento box that’s $3.50 now and it’s a big tray that has like chicken, vegetables, and rice. So it’s not a student discount but it’s really cheap.”

Here’s a list of places local and online to get your $$$$ worth!
—Washington Post FREE digital access
with a .edu email
­—Taco Bell 10 percent off
—Subway 10 percent off
—Ace Hardware 10 percent off
—Frack Burger 10 percent off
—Amazon Prime first 6 months FREE!
—Aveda Institute $10 student cuts
—Portland Art Museum $15 per year membership
—Izzy’s all you can eat for $5
—Sparky’s Pizza $1.75 a slice
—Sephora offers cash back
—Chipotle FREE small drink
—Burger King 10 percent off
—Geico offers a student program
—Staples 50 percent off shipping
—Spotify $5 off monthly fees
—Supercuts 20 percent off
—CharlotteRusse 10 percent off
—New York Times subscription 50 percent off
—Jo-Ann Fabric 10 percent off
—Sweet Tomatoes 10 percent off
—GreyHound Bus 20 percent off

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