Pure Bliss bakery lives up to its name


Pure Bliss Bakery In Oregon City, OR. Photo by Brandi Dees

Have you ever wanted to have a cup of coffee after a long day in class or just a good excuse to get a sweet treat? Well, there’s a bakery called Pure Bliss Bakery & Cafe located in Oregon City, Oregon. It is three miles from Clackamas Community College, so only nine minutes away from the campus.

Dana LeClair is the owner of this establishment, which is run by the family, selling homemade recipes to make many bakery goods, like glazed maple and caramel apple rolls. They also have a wide scone variety, from chocolate chip to fruit options like orange cranberry. 

When I walked in it felt so cozy, and seeing it for the first time was a very positive experience, with the atmosphere being a cute, homey feel, making you comfortable when going inside. The woman who owns the store says that she also owns businesses that sell hats, bracelets and other small accessories.

The prices for all the pastries range from $4 to $5, so all bakery goods are affordable for everyone. Pastries weren’t the only thing on the menu that were low on cost; coffee, tea and energy drinks start from $2 to $6, so you can spend less than $10 and still get a good start of your day with a healthy, small morning meal.

I tried their glazed roll and the cinnamon chip scone. They give you an option if you would like to sit in the cafe or take it to-go and ask if you’d like to heat your order up. If you don’t, they let you know to heat it up for 30 seconds, at home. Overall, both pastries are a 10-out-of-10 dish. The glazed roll melts in your mouth with the gooey, sugary glaze on the toasty homemade roll. The cinnamon chip scone had a soft tone of bittersweet chocolate chips surrounding your mouth when you take a bite. 

I recommend going to the Pure Bliss Bakery and I am definitely going back again. If you have any questions about the establishment or want to know further details, visit Pure Bliss Bakery online. 

Brandi Dees