Rebellious women inspire artist

By Luis Correa

Arts and culture editor

Leslie Nemour, a renowned artist from San Diego, is showcasing her eclectic paintings in the Neimeyer Center at Clackamas Community College from now until Feb. 2.

Nemour is the latest artist to exhibit her works of art in the Alexander Gallery on campus.

Working as an associate professor of art at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California, Nemour’s work has been shown nationally and supported by the UCROSS Foundation and the Social and Public Art Resource Center.

“Lessons From the Dark,” Nemour’s latest exhibit portrays women in movies from her childhood that fascinated and inspired her.

“Growing up, I wanted to be like the women on the movie screen; they were mysterious, vivacious and dangerous,”said Nemour.

Using projector screens as her canvas, the paintings build a sense of compositions that are inspired by these rebellious characters that were depicted as tomboys, sex kittens, aristocrats and servants.

“The ghost of their memories took form in this series of female archetypes painted onto film screens, while exploring the validity of these heroic and unscrupulous characters,” said Nemour.

Many students, staff and members of the community, gathered to experience just how emotional and nostalgic the pieces felt.

Erica Salter, a student at Clackamas, said she believes Nemour uses a technique to draw her audience to her paintings.

“Some of the paintings have really good solid spots, almost as if she is trying to draw your attention there,” said Salter.

David Andersen, a Clackamas painting and drawing instructor on campus made this exhibit possible with the help of Kate Simmons.

“He felt that it would really benefit the students just to see the methods she uses and the context and content that she explores in her process,” said Simmons, the gallery director.

Andersen and Simmons hope that students who come to the exhibit are inspired to follow a career in art and to explore the many possibilities art can provide to continue the school’s tradition to promote new and talented artists on campus.

Nemour’s paintings evoke sentimentality with a modern twist. She believes electronic media is revolutionizing into the traditional medium of oil paint.

The gallery is free and open to the public Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., with the exception of campus closures. For more information about Nemour and her artwork visit: or contact Simmons at

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Luis Correa