By Ian Van Orden

Held once a year, Clackamas Community College’s student art show highlights creations from various students in the art department. No matter their medium, each student is given the opportunity to submit work to potentially be displayed for all to see.

This year, the exhibit opened in the Alexander Gallery of the Niemeyer building on May 16. Almost all of the submitted work will be displayed in the gallery, with only a handful of additional pieces being placed in the school’s art department. According to Kate Simmons, the gallery director, many different artistic mediums will be present, including painting, sculpture, drawings, ceramics, jewelry and photography.

The gallery also offers unique experiences for the school’s gallery management class. The event is, in part, organized by the students of the class, allowing them a real-world opportunity to use the information they have learned so far.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to start spearheading their professional art career if they are interested in that,” said Simmons. “Participating in the Alexander Gallery is contributing in the development of their artist resume.”

The students involved also seem to appreciate the opportunity.

“I really enjoy participating in the student art show,” said Reny Simon, one of the student artists participating in the show. “This is my second year submitting work into it. I love seeing all the work that students have submitted. I have three big paintings in the show this year.”

Steve Mysinger, a sculptor, said, “I think the art show offers a chance for fellow artists to share their art and give the public, as well as other students, a chance to see the quality of education and passing of information provided by talented creative students.”

He also praised the college’s art staff, stating that he believes they offer a positive influence on upcoming artists. His submissions this year include “Hunting Osprey,” “Generations” and “Hands holding the Tree of Life.”

On the art show’s opening day, Derek Franklin, an assistant art professor and the program director for art at Marylhurst University, was invited to judge the artwork. Prizes, in the form of gift cards to an art store of their choice, were given to the artists of the winning pieces and a forum was held that allowed the artists to discuss the professor’s process in selecting the pieces.

The Art Show will be available for viewing through June 8. Anyone interested in the arts are encouraged to come and view the striking artwork created by the students.


First place in this year’s art show went to Dianne Storrs for her “Twisted Sister.” Second place went to Warren ‘Reny’ Simon for “Demolish Zoo.” Third place went to Weston Warner’s “Verte Café.”

In addition to the general awards, there were also awards given to specific mediums. These included Briana Irwin’s “Restlessness” for painting, Guillermo Castañeda’s “Untitled” for ceramics, Blake Trone’s “Untitled ‘mask’” for sculpture, Tony Allen’s “Defended Mountain” for jewelry/metals, Tena Benedict’s “Caught in a Web” for drawing, Kristi Date’s “Mikado Maze” for animation, Robin Nenow’s “Rapunzel” for digital graphics, Nicole Kruger’s “Folded” for photography, Mike Britt’s “Sportz Boyz” for film, Kami Shattuck’s “Light Red” for watercolor, and Madeline Ford’s “Cloudline” for printmaking. Several pieces also received honorable mentions.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winning pieces!

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