The good, the bad and the yummy: opinions on CCC’s Cougar Cafe

During our hours on campus here at Clackamas Community College we may get hungry, maybe even famished some might say. But during our time here we have help from none other than our school cafeteria crew at the Cougar Cafe. 

Some adore our school cafeteria. Some despise our school cafeteria.

With a variety of options to choose from, the cafe is a popular spot for students to satisfy their hunger. Photo by Justus Hoover

We at the Clackamas Print interviewed a few students to get their opinion and gain insight into their thoughts about lunchtime. 

Enter Brandon Johnson, 21, a senior here at CCC. When we asked his opinions on school lunch this is what Johnson had to say:

The food that the cafeteria serves is of better quality than most fast food found around town, however, due to the economy, the prices have increased, but the food is worth every penny. In a more balanced economy, I’d go to the cafe with my friends.”

Cameron Douglass, 21, a sophomore here at CCC said:

The quality of the food is alright. Personally, I think I would only go if I were with friends. It’s nothing mind-blowing by any means but if you are hungry, it’s a good cheap alternative that’s a five-minute walk from class. Then again, I have only gone there once.  I personally think that if you are looking for convenience, then absolutely it’s better than stuff outside of campus. Especially if you don’t have the money to spare. It’s pretty much exactly what you would expect. Whether that’s good or bad is up to you. It’s certainly better than high school food by a significant margin. Then again, I’ve only had it once and I could be missing out on something great.’ 

Andres Caranzza, 19,  a sophomore gave us this opinion:

“The quality of the food here I was really impressed with. It’s great food. The cafeteria food I would say is a better alternative to the surrounding places outside of campus. I just feel it’s higher/better quality. The quality of the food definitely matches the price. Especially the quantity too. You get just enough food, maybe even more than enough for a fair, good price. The price of the food on campus is fine. It’s great. Not too expensive. It’s affordable.”

Although opinions vary, one thing is for sure – the Cougar Cafe provides food for students, whether they like it or not.


Justus Hoover