“The Ordeal”: A Talented Take on an Uncivilized World

Art Gallery CCC-8 Art Gallery CCC-7 Art Gallery CCC-3 The Ordeal Art Exhibit at Niemeyer Center
"The Ordeal" Art Exhibit at Niemeyer Center until Jan. 31. Photos by Grant Pauli.


When you walk into the Niemeyer Center here at Clackamas Community College, you can’t help but feel like you’ve walked into a building that is, simply put, filled with talent. 

Through Jan. 31, the Niemeyer Center will host “The Ordeal,” an intriguing art exhibit created by Henk Pander that makes you feel like you are viewing snapshots of the end of the world. 

This eerie yet exciting exhibit includes not only paintings, but also beautifully crafted pencil sketches. From a giant skull washed up on a dark beach to a plane flying underwater seemingly toward a ghostly woman dressed in white. This exhibit will, at the very least, get a person thinking. 

Each piece tells its own story. Whether you are an art fanatic, someone who can’t turn down a dark and intriguing experience, or even if you’re just walking through the Niemeyer Center and happen to turn into the art exhibit room, this exhibit is worth visiting.


Even if you’re not particularly interested in “end of days” artwork, it’s still a worthwhile experience and a chance to see a talented take on not only an uncivilized world, but a scary post-apocalyptic “civilization.”  

If you are interested in seeing this fascinating gallery of artwork, then good news, this free exhibit is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday in the Niemeyer Center until Jan. 31.

Michaella Fithian