‘Tis the season: Students fall over annual changes

By Joe Musgrove

The season is changing and Clackamas Community College is seeing the results. All around campus the leaves are turning and the trees are becoming bare as fall takes over. This is the time of year when students gear up for the year of school and everyone can feel the holidays approaching fast. Just by taking a stroll around campus, people can see the signs that fall is here.

When going around and asking students questions about what they enjoy about this season, they were enthusiastic about each part of it.

Student Isaiah Brown said he is looking forward to what the season holds. “I love the weather, I love the seasonal change,” he said.

Some of his favorite activities in fall include taking some time and enjoying the holidays with his family. He said, “I love hiking in the rain … and people starting a new chapter in life.”

He enjoys the feeling that fall brings. He said it was “refreshing and exciting.”

Nixon Justiniani’s responses differed. His favorite parts about fall are how the leaves begin changing colors, breaking out the blankets for warmth, and “the cold bite that is in the air. It really makes you wake up whenever you step outside.”

Some of his most enjoyed activities in fall are Thanksgiving and Halloween, two holidays that people can really get into during this season. And one of his favorite things about fall here at CCC is the cold mornings; the brisk air makes him feel relaxed and awake for the day.

Student Lorene Dooley was enthusiastic about fall. Her favorite parts are the leaves, the air, and “the feeling of seeing the world change in so many ways all at once.” Her favorite fall activity is “taking walks whenever I can. They are so invigorating this time of year, especially when the air is cool and there is a gentle breeze.”

She was eager to talk about the changes happening on campus. “Seeing students starting anew is nice to see, because this season forces people to look around and take another step forward. Everyone is realizing that it’s time to start the year, and it just happens.”

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