To sleep or to walk … the morning after

One night stands. Many college students have had one, thanks to hormones and Tinder. Most likely it will not be the last one you have in your life. Spring break is the biggest party week of the year. You may have had a one night stand (or multiple, no judgments) during that time. The morning after is so awkward, what do you do? Have breakfast together. Or just sneak away without so much as a thank you?

Finding students to talk about this was a little difficult as it can be a taboo topic, but I found a few brave ones who were willing to speak on the subject.
Visilla McDaniel had a lot to offer on the subject.

“A one night stand to me depends on your state of mind, like if you’re sober or not,” McDaniel said. “From my experience, if you’re sober, you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. A one night stand when you’re sober isn’t something that just all of a sudden happens, it’s something that you work up to. You had that connection before the event happened. In that case the sex is awesome.”

I asked Brittany Yount whether or not she would stay the night and enjoy a pot of coffee with her significant other-for-the-moment or bail as soon as the deed was done.

“If I ever had one, I would leave that night because I like to sleep in my own bed,” Yount said.

One night stands have become such a cultural norm that you can now buy pre-made ‘One Night Stand Kits’ filled with all the essentials you need for your midnight rendezvous. Most of these kits are geared towards women, with emergency eye liner, cute underwear, toothbrush, dry shampoo, deodorant, a tiny brush to fix that sex hair afterwards and condoms of course. Better safe than pregnant!

Everyone’s one night stand is different, depending on the circumstances.

“The last one night stand I had was with someone I knew and I bailed the next morning and haven’t spoken to them since,” said Melissa Hagerty. “I felt fine because I knew it would happen, and I knew what it was.”

Whether it’s someone you know, or someone you just met, always make sure you’re safe. Have a buddy system, never accept a drink unless you see the bartender pour it and never leave your drink unattended. Make sure you’re comfortable and both partners are consenting and able to consent. Remember, you can’t sneak away from STDs in the morning, so use a condom


The “Walk of Shame” kit includes a toothbrush and deodorant.

story by: Amber Fairbanks

photo illustration by: Becca Moreno

Amber Fairbanks