Triva Night: Put your knowledge to the test

Trivia night features a variety of triva topics, from presidents to ice cream. Flier by Grant Pauli.

Trivia night is hosted every Tuesday night during winter term. This trivia night, the theme was Marvel. Instead of being based on comics, questions were based on Marvel movies like The Avengers, Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man and even Guardians of the Galaxy.  I think I can safely assume most of us have seen a marvel movie once or twice in our lifetime. 

I previously did a review of Tuesday Trivia during fall term, and I’m reviewing it again because I think trivia night is cool and has the potential to be something awesome. I would think that it would be amazing if trivia night would be hosted in an actual location and not hosted online through zoom. 

Most questions were answered easily since they were more general Marvel questions. One question was “which eye did Thor lose?” and half of the participants answered it correctly.

This virtual location seems to have no life to it whatsoever; for example, nobody has their microphones or webcams on, and I hardly ever see anyone type in chat. So already the event feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere. The entire time I’m on and involved with trivia night I do have a good time, I really do. But only because I’m with my girlfriend and we are talking and trying to come up with what the answer could be making the event feel less foresaken. When it comes down to it, the event does not feel alive because it feels like you are the only one who is there.

When I wanted to ask for the host’s opinions I was redirected to the associated student government’s general email. And I asked If they plan to bring this event in person they have this to say,“Yes! We will try to host an in-person Tuesday Trivia in March (03/07/2023). The topic is about ice cream, and students can get free ice cream while playing as well!” 

I am more than happy that ASG has decided to make this an in-person event. They know that students may need more of an incentive to come to Clackamas Community College other than a chance to win a $25 gift card. 

When COVID hit in 2020, the school felt more hollow than ever and with more classes being in-person this school has been shocked back to life.  With this event being in person I think this is just one more step in the road to recovery for CCC and its students. 

Now that I know that they plan to bring this event in person I am more than excited and I plan to show up andI think you should too.

Justus Hoover