Trivia brings students together, virtually

CCC’s ASG hosted trivia every Tuesday this spring term over Zoom starting at 5 p.m.

Trivia. A great way to show off your big brain or just have fun guessing the answers. 

The Clackamas Community College Associated Student Government has been hosting a trivia night every Tuesday this spring term over Zoom starting at  5 p.m. and everyone is welcome.

It starts off in a Zoom call and then we get a code for the Kahoot for that week. Then, the competition starts. You can either be super competitive and try to answer every question right, or you can be more relaxed and learn some information you didn’t know before.

Although trivia may not be everyone’s strong suit, this game night is very inclusive, and even if you don’t know any of the answers it still encourages you to learn. 

After each question is answered, they give you some information about it so you can better understand. For example, one question was “What type of fruit is a Pink Lady?” The answer would be apple, and there would be more information on that. It could be where it originated from, how it got the name, or even the description of what the apple looks and tastes like.

The last couple of trivia nights’ themes were food, flags, and Olympics. I participated in the food and flags one and can tell you first hand it was fun.

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CCC's ASG hosted trivia every Tuesday this spring term over Zoom starting at 5 p.m.

Michelle Baker, an adviser for student government and one of the hosts for this event, said that sometimes if she isn’t helping host it, she likes to participate in it. She highly recommends people go. The Associated Student Government decided to put this together because they wanted to give the students something to do, other than classes online. 

Speaking of which, for this season you don’t need your camera or mic, you can just sit in and play at home since it is over Zoom. In the future, if school opens up some more, they might do more in person events. However, for now, it stays online.

Another fun fact about this trivia night is there is a prize for the winner. Not only is there a $25 gift card for knowing trivia, they sometimes pick a random person to get a $20 Amazon card. So, even if you don’t know much about the topic of the trivia, you could still win an awesome prize.

If you missed out on this season, don’t worry, they are planning on bringing it back after summer like they’ve been doing since last year. So keep your eyes out for the trivia opening night. 

Jordan Jamison