Tuesday at 2 – The Rose City Brass Quintet

The Rose City Brass Quintet held an exhilarating performance during Clackamas Community College’s concert series, Tuesday at 2.

The Rose City Brass Quintet. Photo by Dean Bechard.

The event was performed at Niemeyer Center’s band room in N119 on CCC’s Oregon City Campus. The space was packed with students, faculty and community members gathering around to listen to the brilliant performance.

“Their performance was amazing,” said Ami Collofello, CCC’s administrative assistant, “and they’re very thoughtful in their music, spanning from different themes within classical music using complex and interesting choices.” 

Lars Campbell, chair of the CCC music department and trombonist for the Rose City Brass Quintet, said it was important for audience members to “experience the emotional content” that can be created through instrumental music. “Lyrics are such a fast way in achieving emotional connection for people in contemporary music,” he said. “I would love for people to experience how fresh, modern composers create that emotional content and connection without the use of lyrics.”

Interested in attending one of these events? “We have another Tuesday at 2 happening on May 9 with Attila Csikos,” Collofello said. “He’s a Hungarian jazz performer, bringing his Quartet here. His wife is the vocalist and she’s incredible. We also have an outdoor concert coming up at let’s see, that is May 11. People can catch the wind ensemble and jazz band out in the quad between Barlow and the Wacheno Welcome Center. We try to have an outdoor concert there every spring. If it rains, we’re gonna have it here in Niemeyer.” You can check this event out on CCC’s website, under Events.

“I’d love to see people come to our shows,” Campbell said. “We do keep our performances on our website, Rose City Brass Company. You can also find different performances on Oregon Music News, that’s a good source of being able to find contemporary classical performances.” You can also check out CCC’s YouTube channel, Clackamas Music, to watch past streams of their shows and events.

“It was a great performance,” said CCC’s vocal music instructor Kathleen Hollingsworth. “I loved the music and I think they’re all fine players. I especially like the meditation piece in the center. I also enjoyed the more traditional piece kind of towards the end I thought was pretty cool.” 

If you would like to see The Rose City Brass Quintet live, you can visit their next performance scheduled on their website or contact lars.campbell@clackamas.edu for further questions.


Dean Bechard