Two teachers pen new novels

With all of the time that teachers spend planning courses, grading papers and engaging with students, it’s hard to imagine them having time for much else.  is past year however, English department teachers Kate Gray and Trevor Dodge mastered the difficult feature of juggling their teaching schedules while publishing novels of their own.

On Nov. 6, students will have a chance to attend a reading featuring both authors.  The Clackamas Print sat down with Kate Gray
to ask some questions about her novel and the upcoming reading.

The Clackamas Print: When did your book come out? What’s the title?

Kate Gray: Sept. 1, and it’s called “Carry the Sky.”

TCP: What’s it about?

KG: It’s about bullying in boarding school and the lengths that some of the younger teachers go to  figuring out how to protect the children.

TCP: How did you and Trevor Dodge decide to do the reading together?

KG: Well Trevor and I are both faculty members here at CCC and we both had books come out recently. We also have a third person that’ll be reading, a good friend of ours, Lance Olson.

TCP: What’s it like balancing teaching and writing projects?

KG: (laughs) Well, that’s one of the main reasons it took me eight years to write
it. You just tend to do things you have to do  first, and  figure out how to  t in your
passion. I’d grade papers all night and get up at 5 a.m. and write for an hour.

TCP: Why should students attend the reading?

KG: Students should defnitely go.  They’re good stories. One reason is: not
only is Trevor Dodge one of the coolest people ever, he’s a very powerful writer.
His style is very accessible. And for my book I hope it appeals to students.
 e reading is a great way to see people in this  field practice what they preach.

The reading will be at the Oregon City Library, starting at 7 pm. Nov. 6.

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