Latest incarnation of comic hero brings feminist power and hot bodies to screen

By Elizabeth Kessel

The fighting scenes, the humor, the acting: it’s all that I expected.

June 2 was the opening day for the much-anticipated movie “Wonder Woman.” Gal Gadot as Diana Prince and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor were the perfect duo exuding strength and some sexual tension. The pair falls short towards the end of the movie, however, but I wouldn’t want to give away any spoilers.

If you do not know who Diana is then this movie perfect for you since, there is a lot of origin story to the movie. We follow Diana as a kid to when she becomes an adult, she saves Trevor from a fateful plane crash and leaves her woman-only island Themyscira with the first man she’s ever seen.

Convinced that World War I is the doing of Ares, she follows Trevor into battle trying to locate Ares to use the God Killer (a sword) to kill him and free the people from fighting each other. The film has many humorous scenes, including Diana seeing Trevor completely naked at one point. The actions scenes weren’t anything we haven’t seen before, but nonetheless they were amazing to watch.

All in all, the movie is a must-watch and was a roller coaster of emotions. The movie appeals to all audiences except maybe those under the age of 13. It’s rating is PG-13 but does have some adult content in it.

However, this didn’t deter anyone away from the opening night and many people came in Wonder Woman costumes and shirts. The movie was like almost every other super hero movie with dramatic CGI explosions and a typical predictable script. However the acting makes up for it, as Gadot does an amazing job as wonder woman and Robin Wright as Diana’s aunt, Antiope.

Ladies and gents get ready for Justice League since both the beginning and ending of Wonder Woman gets you ready. A truck from Wayne Enterprises delivers an old photo to Diana and that’s when her story begins, as she reflects on her life and looks forward to a new future. This will not be the last time you will see Wonder Woman being badass.

Elizabeth Kessel