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CCC Alexander Gallery hosts virtual exhibit

By Hannah oldham / January 21, 2021

Clackamas Community College’s Alexander Gallery is having an online exhibit of Robbie Mclaran’s photography of the Columbia river now through Feb 5.  “The Great River of the West” is a photography exhibition of the Columbia river and its significance and history with the Pacific Northwest and North America. McClaran is an award-winning photographer; his work…

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COVID-19 causes struggles for Oregon punk scene

By Henry Waxenfelter / December 14, 2020

Over the last eight months, the world has completely changed because of COVID-19. Businesses are struggling, families are disconnected, and schools are scrambling with makeshift at home options. But one often overlooked facet of impact is a huge one for Portland and its nearby towns, and that is the booming underground music scene. Small bands…

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Transients and technology: A CCC alumni’s path to the stars

By Olivia Lynch / November 18, 2020

Following your professional dreams sometimes feels like reaching for the stars. For former Clackamas Community College student Candice Stauffer, it quite literally is, for dead stars that is. The undergrad is currently studying for her PhD. in Astronomy at Northwestern University.  “I’m finishing a paper on a supernova called 2014DT. It’s a really strange explosion…

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Former Clackamas Community College students discuss their transfer to University of Oregon during the pandemic

By Lexis Shull / November 11, 2020

COVID confusion adds to the new campus transition By Zach Whitley When I had planned to attend the University of Oregon for fall 2020, I had no idea that I’d be moving amidst a pandemic, or having entirely online classes. I had paid my last month of rent, and I had already put my deposit…

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“Totally Under Control:” 2020’s most important documentary

By Reilly Smith / November 3, 2020

2020 has been an incredibly chaotic year in America . As every month passes, it seems like the outside world becomes more tumultuous, with old issues worsening exponentially.  And while this year will be remembered for many things — the protests in the name of black victims such as George Floyd or Breonna Taylor will…

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CCC students bring home prize for stage lighting invention

By Olivia Lynch / October 22, 2020

Clackamas Community College students Dustin Jablonski, Ethen Andrews, and Mike Weston brought home the prize for Best Community College from this year’s Invent Oregon Collegiate Challenge. The “state’s only college-level prototyping competition,” was live-streamed over on Sept. 18. According to Jablonski, their invention “Broadway to Go,”, is a wireless professional stage lighting system intended…

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Alexander gallery hosts new virtual art exhibition

By Andrew Griffin / October 21, 2020

A new virtual art exhibition being hosted by the Alexander Gallery will be viewable on the CCC art webpage through Dec. 11. The exhibition, “Disillusionment,” from artist Edie Overturf, confronts the environmental and political climate we find ourselves in today, as well as the confusion and anxiety that can spawn from it, and a slight…

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Compose Writing Conference goes digital

By Jared Preble / May 24, 2020

      Clackamas Community College, a campus previously teeming with life and happenings, has met a stretch of desolation on campus. With events being cancelled left and right the idea of hosting a workshop with twelve talented writers, illustrators and filmmakers seems out of the question. This was not the case for this year’s…

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Covid-19 continues to uproot normal life

By Jared Preble / May 6, 2020

  COVID-19, commonly referred to as “the coronavirus” has decimated the world’s health and economy in a matter of months, putting more Americans out of work in three weeks than the great recession did in two years. Millions of people are left with an unfair financial disadvantage. Rent, food, tuition — all of these expenses…

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Say Aloe: Horticulture instructor takes on the spring dig

By Clackamas Print / April 24, 2020

Story by Nick Schwada Amid the various dog walkers and joggers found at Clackamas Community College, there is one man that can be found with a clear purpose on the campus — Chris Konieczka — horticulture instructor. On campus you can find Konieczka and a few other faculty members working tirelessly planting, growing and caring…

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