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Stomachs growl for 64 oz of local microbrews

By Zak Laster / March 3, 2015

Everyone loves beer. You love beer. I love beer. You may not know it, but beer is evolving. No longer is it the cool thing to do to go to your local grocery store and pick up a six pack of beer. Now you can own your own glass container called a growler, which you…

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Fill your beer bellies with these recipes

By Erin Carey / March 3, 2015

While I’m not particularly a huge fan of drinking beer (I wholeheartedly believe it tastes like stinky socks), I do love to cook with it. Using two beers from Alameda — Black Bear Stout (a dark, rich beer good for dark meat and dark desserts like brownies) and El Torero IPA (a much lighter Indian…

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Pinchin’ pennies with student discounts

By Amber Fairbanks / February 24, 2015

Being a college student is tough, especially financially. From buying ridiculously expensive books that you barely use to eating ramen for dinner every night due to sky-rocketing tuition, we could use a helping hand every now and then. Lucky for us, many places understand the college life struggle. I asked Portland Community College student Daphne…

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Play based on hate and crime gets set to premier

By Cassidy Scott / February 17, 2015

Director James Eikrem, in his eighth production at Clackamas Community College, is bringing the story of Matthew Shepard to the Osterman theater stage in the winter term production, ‘The Laramie Project.’ The Laramie Project, based on the 1998 murder of homosexual college student Matthew Shepard, brings a darker and more mature theme to the CCC…

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College alumni makes music with local artist

By Nathan Woosley / February 17, 2015

When was the last time an artist surprised you? Like really surprised you? Think for a moment how many artists that manage to mix and mingle seemingly odd bedfellow genres successfully. Now consider how many of those artists are local. There are only a few. Pink Martini comes to mind. As it turns out, one…

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How to be single (and happy) on Valentine’s Day

By Megan McCoy / February 10, 2015

BY MEGAN MCCOY AND JACK SPENCER There are just a few short days left before the day dedicated to love, yet, it causes a lot of stress and sadness for people lacking a significant other. Being single on Valentine’s Day can be a bummer; however, before you bathe in self-pity, consider the following reasons why…

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Portland International Film Festival shows film from all around

By Maddy Kays / February 10, 2015

“The World, Abridged” is this year’s tagline for the Portland International Film Festival, or PIFF, back for the 38th year. PIFF is held by the Northwest Film Center and takes place from Feb. 5 through 21. Over the course of these two and a half weeks, 97 full length films and 60 short films will…

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Through the woods

By Maddy Kays / February 3, 2015

I am an asthmatic, and it would really benefit me to remember that when I agree to participate in physical activity with other people. Of course this didn’t occur to me when I agreed to go hiking in the Columbia River Gorge with some friends on Sunday, Jan. 25. If you, like me, do not…

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The Print goes to Comic Con

By Andrew Koczian / January 28, 2015

Over the weekend, Portland hosted Wizard World’s Comic Con, and these are just a few things we saw. ALL PHOTOS BY ANDREW KOCZIAN

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‘Jenny from the Block’ gets stalked by The Boy Next Door

By Amber Fairbanks / January 27, 2015

Jennifer Lopez made her way onto the big screen once again in the movie “The Boy Next Door” directed by Rob Cohen and written by Barbara Curry. She shouldn’t have. Lopez plays the character of Claire Petersen, a high school English teacher who is in the process of filing for divorce with her cheating husband;…

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