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Through the woods

By Maddy Kays / February 3, 2015

I am an asthmatic, and it would really benefit me to remember that when I agree to participate in physical activity with other people. Of course this didn’t occur to me when I agreed to go hiking in the Columbia River Gorge with some friends on Sunday, Jan. 25. If you, like me, do not…

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The Print goes to Comic Con

By Andrew Koczian / January 28, 2015

Over the weekend, Portland hosted Wizard World’s Comic Con, and these are just a few things we saw. ALL PHOTOS BY ANDREW KOCZIAN

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‘Jenny from the Block’ gets stalked by The Boy Next Door

By Amber Fairbanks / January 27, 2015

Jennifer Lopez made her way onto the big screen once again in the movie “The Boy Next Door” directed by Rob Cohen and written by Barbara Curry. She shouldn’t have. Lopez plays the character of Claire Petersen, a high school English teacher who is in the process of filing for divorce with her cheating husband;…

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New horticulture mural sprouts on walls of Clairmont Hall

By Cassidy Scott / January 27, 2015

Clackamas Community College’s horticulture and art departments came together over the summer to produce an agricultural history mural on the walls of Clairmont Hall. The idea was first conceptualized by horticulture instructor Bruce Nelson in fall of 2013, when students in his Urban Agriculture class created a timeline of Willamette Valley agriculture on paper. “It…

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Cape One art stirs things up

By Andrew Koczian / January 26, 2015

ALL PHOTOS BY ANDREW KOCZIAN  Artist Cape One has taken the Niemeyer building by storm, with a full exhibit of his work on display, and in the hallways as well.  

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Controversy in Niemeyer

By Nathan Woosley / January 20, 2015

“This violates boundaries, and that’s part of the point,” music instructor Brian Rose said speaking on behalf of the recent controversial art piece created by street artist Cape One. The controversy surrounding the piece is based on those “violated boundaries,” not because of its subject matter or content, but due to the artist’s decision to allow paint to make its way on…

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Vegetarians balk (bok bok) at eating turkey

By Amber Fairbanks / December 5, 2014

Being a vegetarian is hard, especially during the holidays. With everyone having a turkey on their table on  Thanksgiving, or ham on Christmas or maybe another turkey (the turkeys just can’t win, can they?), there are dead animals on plates everywhere. What is a vegetarian/vegan to eat while everyone else is gobbling (get it? gobbling) down their food? During…

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New Multicultural Center welcomes students, staff and diversity

By Megan McCoy / December 5, 2014

The Multicultural Center grand opening was held on Nov. 25 in the fireside lounge where the Associated Student Government offered a variety of snacks and drinks from different cultures to students in celebration of their new department. According to the multicultural ambassador Candice Stauffer, the Multicultural Center is a place where students can have a private place to pray, study…

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Hairy Cougars

By Andrew Koczian / November 26, 2014

November – a time of thanksgiving, family, football and good food, and of course awesome beards. No- Shave November, which was originally called ‘Movember,’ started as a prostate awareness foundation and grew into a nation sweeping competition: who can grow a more epic beard? Whether it’s styled, groomed, twisted, waxed or just down right dingy, send in your best No Shave November…

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Cougar Poll: Best and worst classes

By Megan McCoy / November 26, 2014

Registration is underway, and many students are wondering if they will enjoy the classes they are signing up for. A few students from Clackamas Community College have opened up about what classes they liked and disliked, to help those questioning their decisions. Iran Zarate Favorite Class: Small engine repair. It’s fun and you still learn a lot. Least…

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