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Movie Review: Interstellar

By Jack Spencer / November 19, 2014

Stellar: the only word that was going through my mind while I was watching this  lm. A futuristic masterpiece with something for every kind of movie-goer. Whether you came to see a moving family story, or a thrilling adventure into the stars, you will not be disappointed. Director Christopher Nolan delivered yet another exciting, thought-provoking and mind-bending piece of art. Many people see his movies…

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Dead Man’s Cell Phone rings true

By Auriana Cook / November 19, 2014

For some students, the idea of attending a school play might evoke memories of the stuffy period dramas or Shakespeare plays they slept through in high school. But this term’s mainstage production is refreshingly different: “Dead Man’s Cell Phone,” by contemporary playwright Sarah Ruhl, is a modern manifesto on how technology has changed our lives. It combines aspects of…

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Black Friday creates retail nightmare

By Katie Archer / November 19, 2014

The nightmare before Christmas for many people is the cute movie about Jack Skellington spreading Christmas joy. For everyone in the retail industry however, the real nightmare is Black Friday. Clackamas Community College student Maisey Ortega said of Black Friday, “It’s the shittiest day of your life.” Ortega, who works at Footlocker in the Clackamas Town Center, remembers one…

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Swinging around Stumptown

By Maddy Kays / November 19, 2014

A drum marks the start of Benny Goodman’s “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)” as dancers partner up and take to the  oor. When the brass section jumps in the dancers take  flight and, to a bystander, their feet never touch the ground.  e guys are swinging and the girls are spinning, feet are tapping on the sidelines. It’s a scene…

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Horticulture sells to local restaurant

By Andrew Koczian / November 19, 2014

On the outskirts of Clackamas Community College is the Clairmont building, home to the Horticulture department. Earlier this summer, CCC horticulture instructor Chris Konieczka began to form a relationship with a local Buggati’s restaurant, just minutes away from campus. The focus of the relationship was to “give students the opportunity to grow organic produce while somewhat mimicking a real…

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Homework help offered on campus

By Megan McCoy / November 5, 2014

When the homework load just keeps getting bigger and stress levels rise, it’s easy to feel trapped and defeated. Every student has gotten to the point where there are so many assignments due at once that just ignoring all of the work sounds like a good option. Being a college student can be overwhelming at times, but Clackamas Community College has a few places to…

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Two teachers pen new novels

By Marissa Nwerem / November 5, 2014

With all of the time that teachers spend planning courses, grading papers and engaging with students, it’s hard to imagine them having time for much else.  is past year however, English department teachers Kate Gray and Trevor Dodge mastered the difficult feature of juggling their teaching schedules while publishing novels of their own. On Nov. 6, students will have a…

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Art abounds at First Thursday

By Jose Velazquez / November 5, 2014

Artists, photographers and many other patrons of the arts have attended the First Thursday event in Portland. First Thursday is a monthly event that takes place primarily in the Pearl District and Downtown. For 30 years, Portland has celebrated the talents and creativity of many artists. Each and every participant had his or her own…

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Halloween around the world

By Megan McCoy / October 29, 2014

It’s just a matter of days before costumes come to life, candy gets distributed and adults party the night away. Here in the United States the holiday is all about having a good time, whether that means getting dressed up as your favorite character and going out, or staying in with a bucket full of…

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A Walk Among The Tombstones

By Britt Tilton / October 29, 2014

Many students are scrambling to buy fake blood, stock up on candy and figure out the best parties to attend this Halloween. Alternatively, if you prefer a more subtle brand of spooky, you’re in luck: Robert Keeler, anthropologist and Clackamas Community College professor, is a member of the Association for Gravestone Studies and he was…

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