Podcast Review

Changing the game: How CCC Foundation is paving the way for student success

By Ethan M. Rogers / May 14, 2023

Debra Mason, executive director of the CCC Foundation, discusses how this non-profit organization serves the students and college community at Clackamas Community College. In this week’s episode, host Ethan M. Rogers talks with Mason about the Clackamas Community College Foundation’s programs and purpose, from the college’s master plan to student scholarships and beyond. “I get…

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Grow your business with the Small Business Development Center

By Ethan M. Rogers / February 10, 2023

Director of the Small Business Development Center, Robert Campbell, discusses the programs available at the SBDC on Harmony Campus on The Clackamas Print Podcast. Click the link below to listen.  

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By Elizabeth Kessel / January 31, 2017

BY ELIZABETH KESSEL Maneuvering your 20s can be tricky, from learning about bills and responsibility to graduating college to moving back in with the parents. Megan Tan is an ordinary woman, who shares her experiences as a young adult in her popular podcast, “Millennial,” which is currently in its third season. Each season is unique…

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