A graphic displaying the film's title: Civil War.

Civil War strikes home

By Ethan M. Rogers / April 17, 2024

By Ethan M. Rogers Editor in chief In the early 1900s Russian filmmaker and film theorist Lev Kuleshov developed what is known as the Kuleshov Effect ā€“ the origin of the Soviet Montage. For Kuleshov, context was king, he demonstrated the idea that the same shot could evoke different emotions based on the shots surrounding…

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Members of the Portland Wheel blazers play basketball in Randall Hall. This took place at a school event for the disability community.

Clackamas Community College hosts event for disability community

By Gabriella Vigil / April 17, 2024

By Gabriella Vigil Sports Editor   Clackamas Community Collegeā€™s two-part basketball and networking event from 6 p.m to 9 p.m on April 5 in Randall Hall and Gregory Forum was full of resources for allies and athletes. The Portland Wheelblazers rolled through CCC to play ball to open the event.Ā  The Portland Wheelblazers are members…

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A blonde student sitting at a cafe table, looking at a laptop. The screen proclaims that Clackamas Community College scholarships are available.

Scholarship changes coming to CCC: Are they for the better?

By Gabriel Elmosleh / April 16, 2024

By Gabriel Elmosleh News Editor   With the end of the term right around the corner, continuing and prospective students already have an eye toward applying for scholarships for the fall 2024 term at Clackamas Community College. However, changes made to the scholarship process at CCC now require applicants to submit three essays, instead of…

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Cougar softball fights the Storm

By Quinton Prudhomme / April 16, 2024

By Quinton Prudhomme General Assignments Editor   On Wednesday, April 3, the Cougars softball team faced off against the Chemeketa Storm playing two games back to back. The Cougars and the Storm were both fighting for the fourth place spot in the North Western Athletic Conference southern bracket. It was a gray day which mirrored…

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The image is focused on one redwood tree, following the trunk up into the sky. Several trees surround the one in the center, with green leaves reaching the sky. This was found on California's Lost Coast Trail.

Isolation on Californiaā€™s Lost Coast Trail

By Erik Paul / April 15, 2024

By Erik Paul Design Editor   For most people the idea of traveling to a destination with “lost” in its name might not sound appealing. However, for me, a single parent juggling responsibilities, a student who just completed a demanding load of eighteen credits and a guy who occasionally seeks dissociation ā€”Ā  it’s quite enticing.…

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OMSIā€™s film festival returns with Sci-Fi classics

By Jackson Arterberry / April 12, 2024

By Jackson Arterberry A/V Editor   Entertaining, inspirational and thought-provoking ā€” science fiction cinema offers both art and insight into popular thinking about the approaching future. Currently, the science fiction genre is being celebrated at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industryā€™s (OMSI) 2024 Sci-Fi Film Festival from March 29 to May 24. Film Fest…

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Doug Limanā€™s ā€˜Road Houseā€™ reboot is everything a reboot shouldnā€™t be

By Ethan M. Rogers / April 1, 2024

By Ethan M. Rogers Overall, Doug Limanā€™s 2024 ā€œRoad Houseā€ reboot, rated R and available on Amazon Prime, is a boring and overly clichĆ© retelling of the original 1989 film starring Patrick Swayze as James Dalton, professional bouncer and doctor of philosophy.Ā  Rather than a professional bouncer with deep thoughts and a dark secret, Jake…

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Clackamas wrestling finishes fourth at ChampionshipĀ 

By Gabriella Vigil / March 19, 2024

  By Gabriella Vigil Sports Editor   Clackamas Community College wrestling made its last stop this season at the NJCAA National Championships on March 1. The Cougars traveled to Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, to try and take home the win.Ā  Nine CCC wrestlers ended up qualifying for championships, including Cesar Avelar, Rocky Raby,…

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Cougars knocked out at championships

By Quinton Prudhomme / March 19, 2024

  By Quinton Prudhomme Staff Writer After intense games with decisive victories the CCC womenā€™s basketball team was ready to play in the Northwest Athletic Conference Championship tournament in Pasco, Washington. The Cougars dominated in games against the Clark Penguins on Feb. 28 and the Linn-Benton Roadrunners on March 2 – with the season hanging…

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Black His-tory speaks on the Oregon City campus

By Eva King / March 18, 2024

  By Eva King Arts and Culture Editor On Tuesday, Feb. 27, the ā€œTruths and Transitions: Living His Story, As Experienced By Black Menā€ panel was hosted in Roger Rook Hall. The panel spoke about the history of black people in Clackamas County. The panel consisted of James Graham, the Economic Development Manager for Oregon…

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