Feminist photography and emotive still-life paintings

By Gabriel Lucich / November 29, 2023

  By Gabriel Lucich   The Art Department has debuted a multifaceted new showing from two local artists at the Alexander Gallery on the Oregon City campus. Grace Weston is a photographic artist that explores cultural and feminist ideas through her work. She plays with archetypal figures in the form of cultural images, texture and…

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CCC helps fight food insecurity

By Gabriella Vigil / November 27, 2023

        By Gabriella Vigil   Frozen liquified eggs, freeze dried clams, hand-labeled canned pumpkin puree. These are just a few of the nutritious, but sometimes odd food selections available at Clackamas Community College’s Free Food Pantry, across from the Veteran’s center office in the Wacheno Welcome Center. The Free Food Pantry also…

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Students travel back in time

By Ethan M. Rogers / November 21, 2023

  Taking a trip though Eastern Oregon history….with birds! By Ethan M. Rogers   Time travel is easier than most people think. People do it all the time without knowing what they’re doing. If not for my trip to Malheur with two science instructors from Clackamas Community College and a group of their students, I…

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Fassbender slays in The Killer

By Gabriel Lucich / November 15, 2023

By Gabriel Lucich Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a trained killer? Well, acclaimed director David Fincher has in his new film, “The Killer,” explores  what those  thoughts and motivations might be. For those not familiar, Fincher directed “Fight Club,” “Gone Girl,” “Zodiac,” “Seven,” and a host of other now-classic…

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Four nights with Five Nights at Freddy’s

By Eva King / November 15, 2023

By Eva King I watched in the theater. I watched on Peacock. Then I watched on Peacock twice more. I spent four nights with Five Nights at Freddy’s, the classic indie horror video game’s new film adaptation. First released all the way back in 2014 I think many fans, along with myself, were surprised at…

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Filmmakers practice skills on campus

By Gabriel Lucich / November 9, 2023

  Jack Perez teaches a new generation of filmmakers.  By Gabriel Lucich The Clackamas Print offices were invaded on Wednesday, Nov. 1, before class began for the day, by  a motivated team of auteurs from Jack Perez’s Digital Media Communications class in order  to film a scene for their class project. Michael T. Agnew, 50,…

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Schwarzenegger sells success

By Ethan M. Rogers / November 8, 2023

By Ethan M. Rogers Editor in Chief World champion bodybuilder, Hollywood hero, irreverent governor of California, philanthropist – Arnold Schwarzenegger has worn a lot of hats over his 76 years. With his new book “Be Useful,” the Austrian Oak has turned his attention to legacy. Schwarzenegger, throughout the pages of the book, declares his intent…

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College hosts International Film Fest

By Clackamas Print / November 1, 2023

  By The Clackamas Print Staff Ernesto Hernandez maintained a smile and a welcoming presence, despite lackluster attendance at the Oct. 25 International Film Festival. Held in McLoughlin Auditorium at Clackamas Community College, the event was intended to “promote our languages and to get people thinking about film and international events,” said Hernandez, chair of…

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Guitar project strikes chord

By Eva King / October 31, 2023

Clackamas Community College counselor Casey Sims is a man of many talents, from playing drums in a ska band to backflow testing. Sims is also the founder of the Campus Guitar Project. Sims began placing guitars across the campus secretly, in hopes to foster positivity in our community. Now, five years later, the Campus Guitar…

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Loki season 2 ramps up the action

By Connor McCoy / October 30, 2023

Season 2 of the Disney+ original series Loki released its first episode, “Ouroboros”, on Oct. 6.   It’s been a while since season 1 ended, so here’s a recap for those who need it; After escaping with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is apprehended by the Time Variance Authority for violating the…

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