Tips for keeping children healthy during the pandemic

By Rebekah Thompson / December 22, 2020

Parenting during a pandemic isn’t pretty. One of the biggest challenges of the year for parents has been trying to keep their children active and eating healthy. With everything being done from home now, sports cancelled, and recreation centers closed until further notice, it’s been very easy for students and parents to spend more time…

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A nurse’s perspective on dealing with COVID-19

By Brianna Hall / December 4, 2020

Inna Karpenko is a nurse at Miramont Pointe, a retirement home. We talked with her over the phone to see what it’s like being a nurse with COVID going on. The Clackamas Print: To start, how long have you been a nurse? Inna Karpenko: A year and a month. TCP: What types of things have…

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College counselor offers advice for surviving the pandemic: give yourself a break, and maybe get a cat

By Adam Freeman / November 30, 2020

“Oh my god, the world is on fire!” Sawyer G Sheldon, graduate intern in Clackamas Community College’s  counseling department, shares insights on mental health from the unique perspective of being both a student and a counselor in a global pandemic. We sat down with her to discuss how to stay healthy during the pandemic.  The…

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What is it like to be a surgeon in 2020?

By Emma Peterson / November 20, 2020

We were able to interview Dr. Margaret Bower, a surgeon at Kaiser Permanente, about the lifestyle of a healthcare worker during a global pandemic. She has managed to build a successful career while balancing her life outside of work. She spends her time taking care of her dog, hanging out with childhood and work friends,…

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What it’s like to be tested for COVID-19

By Clackamas Print / April 22, 2020

It’s not easy working in healthcare at this time.  I work as a caregiver for the elderly performing tasks including administering medication and making sure my clients are happy, clean and healthy in their homes. I work with people who have cancer, people who are paralyzed, some have suffered strokes — I work with people…

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COVID-19 halts the sports world

By Riley Buerk / March 12, 2020

Story by Riley Buerk From the Division I men’s and women’s March Madness basketball tournaments all the way down to high school athletics, sporting events all across the country are getting cancelled. Once Rudy Gobert, starting center for the NBA’s Utah Jazz, tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, March 11, it had a sweeping effect…

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News briefs

By Laura Canida / October 21, 2019

Story by Laura Canida Campus Safety hires new college resource officer College Safety exists to patrol the campus, investigate crimes, prepare reports, and respond to emergencies. In addition to these duties, they provide security escorts, directions, campus information and even aid with vehicle assistance for those in need. The Department of College Safety distributes and…

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Finding safety for the abused

By Jeanette Wright / March 13, 2018

By Jeanette Wright The Clackamas Print After a year of being closed for rebuilding, Clackamas Womens’ Services (CWS) re-opened their Village of Hope. CWS provides help to those in need of help after sexual or domestic abuse. Their headquarters is located at A Safe Place Family Justice Center in Oregon City. “The Village is housed…

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Awareness on male sexual assault

By Summer Barraza / March 6, 2018

Story by Summer Barraza Multimedia Editor Often, when I read fractional statistics like, “one in three people will have a great day today,” I look up and begin to count the people around me and I think to myself, “Okay out of the three people I have counted, one of us might have a good day,”…

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New resources available on campus

By William Farris / February 28, 2018

AFTER A YEAR, THE COLLEGE ENACTS NEW RESOURCES FOR TRANS STUDENTS By William Farris The Clackamas Print On May 17 of last year the Clackamas Print released a story about the lack of resources available for trans students on campus. At the time, Clackamas Community College stated that while they didn’t have many ways of…

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