CCC tuition may increase by $4 per credit for next academic year

By Dean Bechard / March 21, 2023

Correction: A previous version of this story stated a vote on a tuition increase had already been taken. It will be discussed this month. During the Board of Educations last meeting in March of 2023, Clackamas Community College discussed increasing student tuition for the next academic year by $4 per credit, and a $2 increase…

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Learn CPR with Cougie!

By Ethan M. Rogers / March 20, 2023

Cougie is here to tell you all about CPR and heart health awareness! Knowing how to perform CPR could be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation, so it’s a super important skill to have. But beyond CPR, it’s important to understand why heart health matters. Your heart is the most vital…

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A Follow up on Jim Eikrem’s termination

By Joseph Lohmolder / February 18, 2023

Former theater director Jim Eikrem began an arbitration process with Clackamas Community College, following the termination of his employment in the summer of 2022. A formal hearing is not expected to take place until April 18. Arbitration is a dispute resolution process where two parties come together with an adjudicator to reach an agreed solution.…

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Campus Security Director Tom Sonoff is retiring

By Laura Canida / February 14, 2023

  Tom Sonoff, the director of college safety at Clackamas Community College, is retiring, and after multiple searches, the school finally made a tentative offer for a new hire to fill the position.  College safety officers are responsible for maintaining a secure and protective environment on college properties. Responsibilities are to perform unarmed patrols around…

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The Passing of Vincent Humphreys on Campus

By Dean Bechard / February 14, 2023

Vincent Humphreys, 54, was discovered on the Oregon City Clackamas Community College campus in the Transit Station by TriMet employees during routine patrol on Nov. 20, 2022. Clackamas Fire Department was on the scene and confirmed Mr. Humphreys deceased at 5:06 a.m. The Clackamas Print could not confirm the cause of death and family members…

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Clackamas County Adds New Bus Route

By Dean Bechard / February 10, 2023

Clackamas Community College shut down their shuttle bus due to insufficient funding and personnel during Fall Term 2022. Clackamas County will reconnect the shuttle service for local areas that are hard to get to by transit In March or April of this year.  The Clackamas Print spoke with John Ginsburg; Director of Student Life Title…

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Hopping our way into the New Year

By Ethan M. Rogers / February 6, 2023

Lions and dragons and lights, oh my! Lan Su Garden celebrated the Lunar New Year in style – the 16 day Lunar New Year celebration of the Year of the Rabbit continued through Feb. 5 at Lan Su Garden, located at 239 N.W. Everett St. in Portland. The event gave folks a chance to experience…

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Low income housing: Las Flores, blooming in summer 2023

By Callie Valente / February 5, 2023

Las Flores; the 171 unit low income housing complex is coming to Oregon City. The complex will be conveniently close for students on campus, located just northeast of Highway 213 and South Beavercreek Road. Hacienda CDC is the organization who is responsible for the project. Hacienda is an Oregon and Latino based organization that aims…

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Registration Trouble at Clackamas Community College

By Hailey Reeves / February 5, 2023

Registering for classes is often one of the most stressful experiences for students. From finding the most suitable course to take, finding a personal preference for which professor’s class they want to be in, or figuring out the amount of credits they would like to take. Evan Singharaj, a part time second year student at…

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Clackamas Community College: one of nation’s best two-year schools for veterans

By Callie Valente / February 1, 2023

The Veterans Education and Training Center (VET) on the Oregon City Clackamas Community College campus is located in the Wacheno Welcome Center, Room 170. Within the center, veterans are able to find a community and help with different things. Some of the many benefits include VA educational benefit enrollment, certification, assistance, helping veterans understand their…

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