Thousands protest to protect abortion rights

By Joseph Lohmolder / May 15, 2022

Thousands of people gathered in downtown Portland for a “Bans Off Our Bodies” demonstration on Saturday, May 14. This event was one of many scheduled to take place across the country following a leak from the U.S. Supreme Court, which warns that a reversal of the Roe v. Wade decision on abortion could come soon.…

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Incoming student government president works for equity

By Isaiah Burns / May 13, 2022

Madalena Larkins, vice president of Clackamas Community College’s Associated Student Government, will be the student body president next year. We sat down with her to find out what the ASG does, why the GPA requirement was lowered and what her plans are for next year. The Clackamas Print: When did you decide you wanted to…

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Farmers Market Brings the Fresh

By Ethan Rogers / May 9, 2022

Fresh air, fresh flowers, fresh produce and an eclectic collection of prepared foods and gift items –  the corner of Main and Harrison in Downtown Milwaukie offers all this and more every Sunday from May to October in the form of the Milwaukie Farmers Market which has been an annual event since 1999. The Clackamas…

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College employee works to get students government benefits

By Connor McCoy / April 28, 2022

The Clackamas Print sat down with Helen Paz, the benefits navigator at Clackamas Community College, to talk about the benefits students can get if they need some help. The Clackamas Print: When did you first come to CCC? Helen Paz: As an employee? I didn’t go to school here, unfortunately. I started at CCC in…

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Handy campus safety tool is all the rave

By Ethan Rogers / April 28, 2022

We’ve just spent the last two years huddling indoors behind masks, illuminated only by the soft glow of computer screens and handheld devices – and we’re finally free. Free to throw off the masks and run free, free as the wind blows, free as the grass grows. The last thing on our mind right now…

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Clackamas Community College COVID-19 Tracker

By Joseph Lohmolder / April 26, 2022

It is expected that anyone who has tested positive or has been exposed to the virus follow self isolation protocols immediately. The college ensures that any student or staff member who contracts the virus will be supported and given necessary assistance during their isolation period. The college is working to notify all individuals who come…

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Oregon Food Bank donates fridge to CCC food pantry

By Quinton Paul / April 24, 2022

Clackamas Community College’s Associated Student Government runs a free food pantry that received a new fridge and freezer from the Oregon Food Bank.  The food pantry is on the Oregon City campus and houses turkeys, pizzas, ground beef, eggs, milk, salads, all sorts of fruits and vegetables, dry and canned goods, as well as many…

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CCC Foundation wants to give you money

By Quinton Paul / March 16, 2022

The Clackamas Community College Foundation has officially begun accepting new scholarship applications. The Foundation is one of many to offer scholarships, alongside the Pell Grant and the Oregon Promise, but the Foundation provides Clackamas students more than $500,000 in scholarships for the 2022-23 school year.   “My goal and the foundation’s goal is to give up…

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College says millions needed to fight cyber crime

By Ethan Rogers / March 15, 2022

The college says it needs to spend nearly $3 million to fight cyber attacks. Alissa Mahar, vice president of college services and Saby Waraich, information technology dean, chief information officer and chief information security officer asked the Clackamas Community College Board of Directors for $2.8 million over 3 years for cyber-security upgrades to the college’s…

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CCC Board of Education to vote on tuition increase

By Madalena Larkins / March 2, 2022

Clackamas Community College is considering raising tuition by $5 or $6 for the next academic year.  The Board of Education discussed the proposal during their last meeting on Feb. 16, and will be voting on the proposal during their March 16 meeting. Increasing tuition by $5 dollars a credit would mean students taking 15 credits…

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