College says millions needed to fight cyber crime

By Ethan M. Rogers / March 15, 2022

The college says it needs to spend nearly $3 million to fight cyber attacks. Alissa Mahar, vice president of college services and Saby Waraich, information technology dean, chief information officer and chief information security officer asked the Clackamas Community College Board of Directors for $2.8 million over 3 years for cyber-security upgrades to the college’s…

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CCC Board of Education to vote on tuition increase

By Madalena Larkins / March 2, 2022

Clackamas Community College is considering raising tuition by $5 or $6 for the next academic year.  The Board of Education discussed the proposal during their last meeting on Feb. 16, and will be voting on the proposal during their March 16 meeting. Increasing tuition by $5 dollars a credit would mean students taking 15 credits…

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Cloudy with a chance of stimulus

By Joseph Lohmolder / March 2, 2022

CCC sends out millions in emergency funds from the federal government. Since the spring of 2020, students at Clackamas Community College have been periodically receiving checks addressed from the college for several hundred dollars. While this may be out of the ordinary, it is no mistake if you have been sent one of these checks.…

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College won’t pursue a COVID-19 vaccine mandate

By Madalena Larkins / February 28, 2022

Clackamas Community College won’t require COVID-19 vaccinations for students involved in in-person activities at the college, after asking thousands of students to weigh in on the matter. In January, the college sent a survey to more than 6,000 students and received 1,410 responses; of the findings, 45% of respondents said they were against a mandate,…

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College offers counseling, free lunch to help staff and students navigate the pandemic

By Katie Skibba / February 26, 2022

It’s undeniable, the last two years have been a challenge. From emotional to mental, there have been points of struggle, doubt, fear, anxiety and depression. The question is, how is the struggle being addressed among students and faculty?  A few key people on campus have the roles of looking out for faculty and students, and…

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In-person classes return after three week pause

By Madalena Larkins / January 30, 2022

Classes that were in person at the beginning of winter term 2022 will return to being in-person starting Monday, Jan. 31, after being remote since Jan. 12, according to an email from Clackamas Community College President Tim Cook to all CCC staff on Jan. 26th. Student services that were initially scheduled to be available in-person…

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College resources help students with research, homework

By Bella Vaughn / January 29, 2022

Students often feel an overwhelming amount of stress. Especially if you are new to Clackamas Community College, you might feel isolated and left in the dust to navigate student life with no help.  The college has many resources that are included in your tuition, including on-campus and online tutoring, a help center and plenty of…

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College moves in-person classes online, reverses decision to have student services in-person

By Madalena Larkins / January 7, 2022

Clackamas Community College is switching in-person lecture classes to remote Jan. 12- Jan. 28,  due to increased COVID-19 cases in Clackamas County and at CCC, according to an email from President Tim Cook to staff on Jan. 7th. The college plans to keep some lab and career technical education courses in-person.  “I know this will…

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College offers one-third as many in-person classes as pre-pandemic

By Joson Baldridge / December 13, 2021

In-person classes pre-Covid were just classes, and online learning was a small percentage of the overall courses offered at Clackamas Community College.  While CCC is trying to ramp up a “return to campus,” only 463 classes were held entirely in-person in the fall 2021 term, about one-third as many as before the pandemic in the…

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Former board member pleads guilty; college brings aboard replacement Wade Hathhorn

By Laura Canida / November 30, 2021

Former Clackamas Community College school board member Dave Hunt pled guilty to commercial sexual misconduct on Sept. 29, a change from his original plea of not guilty. “I did enter a not guilty plea and expect the sole charge to be dismissed, although COVID-related court closures will likely delay that action for months (for me…

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