Tuition grows, wallet shrinks

By Cassidy Scott / April 15, 2015

Although the $90 million bond was passed earlier this school year, Clackamas Community College must still make tough decisions where funding is involved. The money received from the bond cannot be used for operational projects for the college. As CCC Board member Greg Chaimov puts it, “The bond is to build things, tuition is to…

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Remembering Rizzo

By Katie Archer / April 15, 2015

He left a legacy that will be near impossible to duplicate and his friendship will never be replaced. On Saturday, March 21, Clackamas Community College lost manufacturing instructor Chris Rizzo in a motorcycle accident. Those who knew him know they’ve lost a friend, a great teacher and so much more. “Chris loved to tell a…

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CCC board votes for tuition increase

By Cassidy Scott / March 19, 2015

During the Clackamas Community College Board meeting last Wednesday, March 11, a vote was on the table to increase tuition for the 2015-16 school year by $3 per credit. This vote was “actively discussed” during the previous month’s Board meeting according to Amanda Coffey, English faculty member in an email to fellow CCC faculty. After…

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Hunt for new board member is over

By Maddy Kays / March 3, 2015

On Jan. 14, Dave Hunt was sworn in as the newest member of Clackamas Community College’s Board of Education. For those of you who don’t know what a board of education is or what it does, here’s the lowdown. A board of education oversees school policies and budgets. They also work directly with the president…

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Clackamas Skills Competition attracts diverse audience

By Isaac Watt / March 3, 2015

The 37th annual Clackamas Regional Skills Competition brought high school students with different skills and motivations from across the county to Clackamas Community College to compete in their different skill sets. “It’s great to see so many young people passionate about what they do,” said Joe Peterson, a student at CCC. Matthew Altman, the Associate…

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College officials say free tuition good idea, unlikely

By Nathan Woosley / February 24, 2015

College is expensive. Tuition costs continue to rise and many students are burdened with mountains of debt. What if community college was free though? Paid for by taxpayers the same as high school. If federal and state lawmakers are successful, it could be the new reality. Recently at the State of the Union address, President…

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Want to graduate? First you must petition.

By Marissa Nwerem / February 24, 2015

Petitioning to graduate is your way to let the school know you’ve taken the classes for your degree and are ready to graduate. If you don’t petition, you don’t graduate. Once you turn in your petition, it allows department chairs, deans of each division, and evaluators to make sure that you’ve met all school requirements…

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Students don’t fear the reefer

By Brandon Minnis / February 17, 2015

Grass, ganja, bud, cheeba, chronic, pot, reefer; no matter what name you give it, marijuana is coming to Oregon in a higher way this July. Thanks to the passing of Measure 91 back in November, recreational marijuana use will be legal for Oregon residents over the age of 21. With this paradigm shift on the…

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Cougars rally to freeze tuition

By Megan McCoy / February 17, 2015

“Ain’t no power like the power of students because the power of students don’t stop.” Chanted many students from all over Oregon on Feb. 12 at the state Capitol for the freeze tuition rally. Paying for school is a constant battle that never seems to end for many students. The thought of tuition costs going…

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College hopes to offer more money in scholarships

By Erin Carey / February 10, 2015

“The board firmly believes that borrowing money to go to the first two years of school is just not a good idea, so whatever we can do to help break through that financial barrier, that’s what we’re doing,” said Foundation executive director Greg Fitzgerald. And with a campaign to raise $10 million for both scholarships…

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