College trains for taking down shooters

By Maddy Kays / November 19, 2014

Since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, 88 school shootings have shook the country, according to Around the country, parents send their children to school with the fear that they won’t return. Schools enforce new safety regulations, some going as far as to install metal detectors. Faculty and sta are being trained on…

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Food, serve- us: Changes in store for cafeteria

By Nathan Woosley / November 19, 2014

Have you been to the Clackamas Community College cafeteria lately? Did you think: 1. No improvement needed? 2. Some improvement needed? 3. Much improvement needed? Chances are, you fell into 93 percent of students who answered the second or third option. CCC conducted a survey of staff and students about the cafeteria in April 2014 found some rather unflattering results. The general…

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Midnight mugging on campus

By Tim Young / November 19, 2014

A student was mugged on campus shortly after 12:30 a.m. Friday, Nov. 7, according to Clackamas Community College Dean of Campus Services Bob Cochran. Reportedly, a male student arrived to work-out on the track and he was approached by four males, who demanded his wallet. When the student refused to relinquish his wallet, he was assaulted. Reportedly, there was no money in the…

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Homework help offered on campus

By Megan McCoy / November 5, 2014

When the homework load just keeps getting bigger and stress levels rise, it’s easy to feel trapped and defeated. Every student has gotten to the point where there are so many assignments due at once that just ignoring all of the work sounds like a good option. Being a college student can be overwhelming at times, but Clackamas Community College has a few places to…

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Campus hopes to improve security

By Alberto Hernandez / November 5, 2014

Beep. Beep. Beep. The morning alarm goes off . A student showers, gets dressed, brushes teeth and  finds a way to the Clackamas Community College campus. In the midst of the many routines encountered in the morning, one doesn’t usually stop to think: will something bad happen at school today? Are students really protected and secure…

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Voters give CCC $90 million hug

By Tim Young / November 5, 2014

Clackamas County voters passed a $90 million bond measure to maintain, update and build onto the Clackamas Community College’s presence in the community. “If I were texting, I would ‘OMG,’” said Joanne Truesdell, the college president. Founded in 1966, the college’s many facilities are out of date, run down and costing more money than they need to due to inefficiencies. The bond…

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Opinion: Hong Kong deserves democracy

By Tim Young / October 29, 2014

On Sept. 22, two student groups, Scholarism and the Hong Kong Federation of Students, started protesting against China’s decision to not allow universal suffrage within Hong Kong, according to The Guardian newspaper. Universal Suffrage is the public’s right to vote in an unrestricted way during elections. China is looking to screen candidates for the chief…

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Failed bond would leave bad taste

By Tim Young / October 22, 2014

The Print asked the question “what would happen if the $90 million bond measure were to fail?” “There will be cutbacks if the bond doesn’t pass,” said Bob Cochran, dean of campus services at Clackamas Community College. The college would also lose out on addressing a roughly $80 million deferred maintenance backlog of campus facilities…

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Vote YES on CCC bond

By Clackamas Print / October 22, 2014

On Nov. 4, voters have a momentous opportunity to bring Clackamas Community College into the 21st century. With bond measure 3-447, CCC is asking for a $90 million endowment that will fund major improvements and expansions to its facilities and academic programs. In a two-year engagement process, the board of education conducted meetings with the…

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