Hitting the bullseye: Ugly uniforms need redesign

By Katie Archer / January 27, 2016

This week’s topic on Hitting the Bullseye: Ugly-ass uniforms. WTF is going on with today’s uniforms? Uniforms are getting so U-G-L-Y, their mamas don’t have an alibi. Sometimes I wonder where the fashion police are when society actually needs them. Michigan State has nice looking white and dark green uniforms. Why wear a nasty looking lime green? Did the Nike designer…

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Make-outs and break-ups: dating on campus

By Amber Fairbanks / June 3, 2015

OPINION: It’s hard to meet someone in any other setting besides on campus when you’re a full time student and you spend the majority of your time in class or buried beneath a pile a homework. But what about having a significant other on campus with you or even having a class with them? You…

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Discovering Record Store Day

By Matt Rowning / April 29, 2015

After getting off work, I ran to my car to drive downtown. It was 9:37 a.m., April 17. It was the eve of a sacred holiday, at least for some. I was racing for Record Store Day.   I drove to SE 30th and Burnside to Portland’s oldest record store; Music Millennium. They were closing…

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Trail Blazers prepare for the Memphis BBQ

By Zak Laster / April 22, 2015

by Zak Laster Finally! The Blazers season stumbles to a close and now, it’s time for playoffs! This time last year, there was excitement and optimism because the Blazers had a strong starting five, with nearly everyone hitting their stride at the right time. The same cannot be said for this year’s team, as they…

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‘True Story’ stirs up old emotions

By Clackamas Print / April 15, 2015

One of Oregon’s infamous murderers has hit the big screen. British director Rupert Goold took the, well, true story of Christian Longo’s murders and created an emotional, compelling movie. Using Michael Finkel’s book by the same title, Goold retold the fascinating story of Longo and Finkel’s unlikely relationship. In 2002, Finkel was fired from The…

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To sleep or to walk … the morning after

By Amber Fairbanks / April 14, 2015

One night stands. Many college students have had one, thanks to hormones and Tinder. Most likely it will not be the last one you have in your life. Spring break is the biggest party week of the year. You may have had a one night stand (or multiple, no judgments) during that time. The morning…

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Opinion: new logos lack originality

By Erin Carey / December 5, 2014

Just like any company, the face of a post-secondary school needs to encompass the ideals of its community and its goals for the students who attend there. While most wouldn’t hold the brand of a community college in high regard, those who attend it do. Clackamas Community College is going through a rebrand, to take place…

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Opinion: Hong Kong deserves democracy

By Tim Young / October 29, 2014

On Sept. 22, two student groups, Scholarism and the Hong Kong Federation of Students, started protesting against China’s decision to not allow universal suffrage within Hong Kong, according to The Guardian newspaper. Universal Suffrage is the public’s right to vote in an unrestricted way during elections. China is looking to screen candidates for the chief…

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Vote YES on CCC bond

By Clackamas Print / October 22, 2014

On Nov. 4, voters have a momentous opportunity to bring Clackamas Community College into the 21st century. With bond measure 3-447, CCC is asking for a $90 million endowment that will fund major improvements and expansions to its facilities and academic programs. In a two-year engagement process, the board of education conducted meetings with the…

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