Professor Clackamas

Say Aloe: Horticulture instructor takes on the spring dig

By Clackamas Print / April 24, 2020

Story by Nick Schwada Amid the various dog walkers and joggers found at Clackamas Community College, there is one man that can be found with a clear purpose on the campus — Chris Konieczka — horticulture instructor. On campus you can find Konieczka and a few other faculty members working tirelessly planting, growing and caring…

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Best Place for Affordable Java

By Erin Carey / November 19, 2014

Dear Professor Clackamas, I’m a broke college student who needs some java. Where is the best place to go on Campus? -Undercaffeinated Well, Undercaffeinated, that’s a good question. While my expertise in coffee ranges from how to make instant coffee taste less horrible to getting the most out of my Starbucks, I’m well versed in…

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