Wuthering Waves reaches global shores

By Ash Shaver / June 5, 2024

By Ash Shaver Web Editor Wuthering Waves by Kuro Games’ is one of their most anticipated launches since Punishing: Gray Raven. It is advertised as a free-to-play game with cross-platform compatibility, and as an open-world action RPG with a focus on skill-based combat with an interesting narrative. With the themes focused around sound, as well…

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Summer rolls in on the waves

By Quinton Prudhomme / June 4, 2024

By Quinton Prudhomme General Assignments Editor From the fresh sea air to the cool gusts of wind, there is nothing quite like the Oregon Coast. On a recent trip to Pacific City I took a quick detour through Newport with pit stops at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Rogue Ale and Spirits, a busy coastal…

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The Challengers move poster. It shows a blonde person wearing purple sunglasses, whose reflection shows two men playing tennis. An audience is visible behind them.

Zendaya’s ‘Challengers’ scores, three-love

By Quinton Prudhomme / May 7, 2024

By Quinton Prudhomme General Assignments Editor   “Challengers,” at its core, is a movie about tennis. “Challengers” follows tennis duo Art Donaldson and Patrick Zweig, played by Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor respectively, and their competitive romantic endeavors for tennis star Tashi Duncan, played by Zendaya. The score composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross…

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Doug Liman’s ‘Road House’ reboot is everything a reboot shouldn’t be

By Ethan M. Rogers / April 1, 2024

By Ethan M. Rogers Overall, Doug Liman’s 2024 “Road House” reboot, rated R and available on Amazon Prime, is a boring and overly cliché retelling of the original 1989 film starring Patrick Swayze as James Dalton, professional bouncer and doctor of philosophy.  Rather than a professional bouncer with deep thoughts and a dark secret, Jake…

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Black His-tory speaks on the Oregon City campus

By Eva King / March 18, 2024

  By Eva King Arts and Culture Editor On Tuesday, Feb. 27, the “Truths and Transitions: Living His Story, As Experienced By Black Men” panel was hosted in Roger Rook Hall. The panel spoke about the history of black people in Clackamas County. The panel consisted of James Graham, the Economic Development Manager for Oregon…

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Indigenous Horrors at the Hollywood Theatre

By Quincy Higuera / March 18, 2024

  By Quincy Higuera Staff Writer This was my first time at the Hollywood Theatre and I was not disappointed. I walked in and was met by the nostalgic smell of buttery popcorn, the warming scent of pizza from Sizzle Pie and the bass of action packed previews that I could feel in the floor.…

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Freeplay pinball machines arrive on campus

By Laura Southers / February 28, 2024

            By Laura Southers Have you played one of the new pinball machines inside the Cougar Café’s dining room? If so, and you enjoyed it as much as countless students, you might thank Casey Sims,  a certified rehabilitation counselor and the Counseling Department chair at CCC.  Sims brought freeplay pinball…

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Dave Chappelle doesn’t care what you think

By Gabriel Lucich / January 5, 2024

By Gabriel Lucich Managing Editor   When your newspaper offers to purchase you tickets to see comedian Dave Chappelle, who is, arguably, one of the greatest performers of the last quarter century; you go. Chappelle is divisive. He is insensitive. You may feel that he punches down much of the time, and you may be…

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A fresh take on Our Town

By Eva King / November 28, 2023

    By Eva King   The script for the play, “Our Town,” by Thornton Wilder, is extremely boring. Reading it was painful.  I had to stop reading during act two and take a nap. Bad as the script is, Clackamas Community College’s presentation of the classic gave it a breath of fresh air from…

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Calling all gamers! Geeks & Games a place to shop and play in Oregon City

By Joseph Lohmolder / April 18, 2023

It isn’t always easy to meet new people or find new hobbies to keep yourself busy. Geeks & Games in Oregon City is a local game store where you can create new friendships while also trying out a variety of different tabletop games.  Adam Cox, the owner of Geeks & Games, opened the store in…

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